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Toxic Substances or Toxic Tort

Toxic tort litigation can ensue after....NEED CONTENT

The difference in hiring Benson & Bingham, specialists in toxic substance cases in Las Vegas and Nevada, comes with years of experience in personal injury cases, excellent personal service with attention to communication and our commitment to finding Las Vegas victims judgment or adequate settlements.

Punitive Damages in Nevada: Malice, Oppression, Fraud. Per NRS 42.005 Limits punitive damages to $300,000 in cases where compensatory damages are less than $100,000 and to three times compensatory damages in cases of $100,000 or more. Exempt from this are products liability cases, insurance bad faith cases, discrimination, toxic torts, and defamation cases are excluded.) This is part of a broad attempt by the Tort Reform wave attempting to bar rights of injured victims. In a products liability action, the logic behind the punitive damages are to punish the victim and to encourage safer products. The personal injury attorneysat Benson and Bingham attempt to get exemplary damages whenever possible to get justice for their clients

Did you Know: Benson & Bingham has a Happiness Guarantee? Although we cannot guarantee results of a case, we can guarantee your happiness with respect to the fees that we take at the end of a case.