Product Liability or Defective Products

People in Las Vegas use numerous products each day, whether you drive a car, use electronics or home appliances, or play games with your children.

Most consumer products comply with safety regulations and are safe for their intended uses. Sometimes, however, consumers suffer serious injuries when defective or dangerous products hit the shelves.

If you suffered injuries from a poorly manufactured product, defectively designed product, or a product that does not contain proper warnings, contact the Las Vegas product liability attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC today. As your attorney for negligence cases in LV, they are equipped to handle the complexities of product liability and can help ensure that your rights are protected.

Product liability is a complex area of law involving many legal principles, including strict liability, negligence, warranty claims, mass torts, and more. Injury victims often face large manufacturing corporations with corporate insurers and legal teams working to prevent liability.

You need the right advocate for your product liability claim in Las Vegas, so please contact our legal team for your free case evaluation today. We have convenient office locations in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno.

Dangerous Products Lawyers LV

Standing Up for Injured Consumers in Las Vegas

Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC has demonstrated a commitment to the Las Vegas community since 2004, recovering more than $500 million for injured clients.

Some product liability cases we handled resulted in:

  • $3.3 million for a client who lost their eye due to a dangerous product
  • $3.3 million in a defective vehicle case
  • $2.1 million in a product liability claim
  • $1.01 million for a defective tire claim
  • $900 thousand in a dangerous pharmaceutical case

These are only some examples of our case results, and these results are not guarantees of future outcomes. To learn how much you might receive in your product liability case, reach out to our firm for a free case evaluation today.

Exploding Products

When you use a product, you likely don’t expect it to explode. Such product explosions can cause severe injuries, including burns, puncture wounds, shrapnel wounds, toxic exposure, brain injuries, and more.

Some products that might explode due to defects include:

  • Tires
  • Pressure cookers
  • Air fryers
  • Hot kettles
  • Pool equipment
  • Chemicals

If a product explodes, you want to learn what caused the explosion to know your legal rights if you suffered injuries. Our firm has advanced technology to investigate exploding products and prove when manufacturers should be accountable.

Design and Manufacturing Defects

Any product can malfunction due to wear and tear, but some malfunctions happen due to inherent defects of the product.

These include:

  • Design defects – The initial design for the product or an improvement is defective, which means all products stemming from the design will be defective.
  • Manufacturing defects – The design is fine, but errors in the manufacturing process cause a defect, which might exist in one or several batches of the product.

A poorly designed tire might lead to tread separation, a defectively designed child seat might not provide proper protection, or a defective home appliance can cause fires. Such design defects pose serious risks to consumers who trust manufacturers to check and recheck product design.

One problem with a defective design is the quantity of the risky product in the public domain. Thousands – if not all – of the products will have the same defect, leading to multiple liability issues and multiple plaintiffs.

Manufacturing defects are also dangerous. These cases involve issues with bad parts, irregular moldings, shoddy materials, or incorrect assembly. Numerous things can go wrong on an assembly line, and either human error or computer programs can cause horrendous results.

Improperly manufactured items include canned soup, medications, engines, and furniture. If a chocolate chip cookie contains staples or foreign objects, it was improperly manufactured. Similarly, a motorcycle’s handlebars should have secure bolts, and if they do not, a motorcyclist can suffer life-threatening injuries.

Failure to Warn

Even if a company properly designs or manufactures a product, there can still be inherent risks of harm to consumers. Manufacturers can sell some of these products, but they must provide adequate warnings of the risks to users. If they fail to warn consumers and injuries result, the manufacturer should be liable for products liability.

Failure to warn cases are a big issue in Las Vegas, Reno, and Nevada. Warning labels, signs, and text can help consumers avoid serious injury. Lawnmowers, engines, motors, fans, and most power equipment must have sufficient and reasonable warnings on parts that may emit danger.

Common warnings include that some electrical products can lead to heart attacks, never put hair dryers near water, and don’t combine bleach and ammonia due to poison risks. Pharmaceuticals with known side effects should include clear warnings so consumers can decide whether taking the medication is worth the risk of additional harm.

Bright yellow, red, or orange labels help consumers recognize potentially lethal product components. The FDA requires companies to place black box warnings on certain medications, so consumers notice the warnings on the prescription label. Failure to warn customers of risks leads to surprise safety issues and severe injuries.

Some recent high-profile failure to warn cases involved:

  • Zantac The manufacturer failed to warn consumers that the heartburn drug contained dangerous carcinogens.
  • Juul The e-cigarette company failed to warn consumers that Juul and vaping comes with the risk of nicotine addiction.

Proving a Product Liability Claim

Most product liability cases involve strict liability. This means the injury victim does not need to prove the specific type of negligence that led to their injuries. They must prove that they used a product as intended and, due to a defect or unreasonable risk, they suffered injuries.

Evidence in product liability claims is technical, and you need a lawyer to decipher the evidence and present it persuasively. Expect companies and insurance companies to put up a fight, so be ready with a legal advocate who can stand up for your rights as an injury victim.

Las Vegas Product Liability FAQs

Can a defective vehicle cause a car accident?

Yes, many defective vehicles cause crashes and injuries. Defects might include a tire with tread separation, failing brakes, defective airbags, malfunctioning ignition switches, and more.

Do I always need a lawyer for a product claim?

Yes, having a lawyer is critical. Even though product liability claims often involve strict liability, and a product defect might seem obvious to you, many complex and technical issues can arise. You should focus on recovering your physical health and allow a product liability attorney to focus on the legal case.

What if a product causes widespread injuries?

Some widely-sold products cause similar injuries to hundreds or thousands of consumers, such as Zantac users who developed cancer. Our lawyers will examine whether you have a class action or mass torts claim in these cases.

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