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Were You Injured in an Accident Caused by a Defective Product?

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Product liability is an area of personal injury law in which claimants can seek financial compensation for damages resulting from a defective product. In most cases, the product liability claim is made against the manufacturer or retailer. Injuries resulting from defective products typically are the result of defects in manufacturing, design, warning, or instructions. The experienced Reno personal injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, are ready to guide you through the process of a product liability claim.


Understanding the Aftermath of the Accident

Injuries resulting from a defective product can be unexpected and may range from relatively mild to life-threatening. Before you make any posts on social media regarding the product, contact an insurance company, or seek compensation, it’s important to get in touch with your Reno personal injury law firm for advice. Your legal experts can help you understand what to expect and provide guidance as you go through the process.

Aftermath Of A Product Liability Accident In Reno, NV
Seek Emergency Medical Assistance After A Product Liability In Reno

Seek Emergency Medical Assistance after the Accident

Your first step should always be to seek emergency medical care immediately after the accident, even if you feel fine. Obtaining medical care not only enables you to get the diagnosis and treatment that you need as you begin the road to recovery, but provides essential documentation and medical records that will be needed if you pursue a Reno product liability case later. It also proves that you took your injuries seriously at the time.


Keep the Defective Product, any Documents or Evidence

The success of your product liability case is heavily dependent on the evidence that you and your Reno personal injury lawyer are able to provide. Keep the defective products, receipts, and any associated documentation. If at all possible, take multiple pictures of the situation, the product, and your injuries. Contact law enforcement if you’ve been in a vehicle accident and obtain any witness contact information.

Keep the Defective Product, any Documents or Evidence On A Product Liability Lawsuit
Take Photos of the Scene of the Accident

Take Photos of the Scene of the Accident but Don’t Post Anything on Social Media

Photographic evidence can be essential to your case. If you are physically able to do so, take pictures of the scene of your accident. Be sure to get the whole perspective from multiple angles as well as details of property damage, your injuries, and any apparent defects. This information can help investigators piece together what happened and provide clear proof of who was at fault for the situation. Protect your case by not posting on social media.


Schedule a Free Consultation with our Product Liability Attorneys

As soon as possible, schedule your free consultation with the Reno product liability attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC. We will listen to your story, review what happened, examine any available evidence, and walk you through your legal options. If we believe we can build a solid case on your behalf, we can begin the legal process. Consultations are always free of obligation and completely confidential.

Schedule a Free Consultation with our Product Liability Attorneys
Mediation And Negotiation Lawyers Helping Resolve Your Case

Mediate & Negotiate to Resolve the Product Liability Dispute

The vast majority of product liability claims are settled out of court in mediation. Hiring a Reno product liability lawyer who is skilled in negotiation is crucial to maximizing your settlement and building a strong case. If litigation becomes necessary, our trusted attorneys are ready to take your case to court, where we will handle all of the details as we argue your case and hold liable parties responsible for their negligence.

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Types of Defective Product Cases Handled by Our Reno Accident Injury Lawyers

Defective product claims can encompass a wide variety of claims across different industries. The manufacturer and/or retailer may be held responsible, depending on the circumstances of the situation and what type of product was defective. No matter what the details are, our Reno personal injury attorneys will build a strong case to fight on your behalf.

Design Defects

This refers to a problem with the nature of the product itself. Manufacturers are legally obligated to develop safe products and cannot sell dangerous products when a better or safer model is available.

Manufacturing Defects

These defects occur when something unexpectedly goes wrong in the manufacturing process with one or a group of the same products. The product does not turn out as intended and fails to perform normally.

Failure to Warn & Marketing Defects

Manufacturers must provide reasonable instructions on how to properly use a product. When it’s determined that a manufacturer failed to provide sufficient instructions or did not warn about danger, they can be held liable.

Exploding Products

When an exploding product fails to perform properly or is inadequately labeled, the manufacturer, the distributor, or a company who developed a component of the product could be liable for the damages that result.

Meet Our Skilled Team of Product Liability Attorneys Serving Reno

Reno’s Preferred Product Liability & Personal Injury Law Firm

Product liability law is complex. In order to build a successful case, you need representation from an experienced attorney who has the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to face tough corporate lawyers. That’s exactly why Joseph L. Benson II and Ben. J Bingham have accomplished as partners at the leading personal injury firm in Nevada. Along with their associates, Mr. Benson and Mr. Bingham are ready to help you obtain financial compensation after a product liability dispute. Call us now to schedule your obligation-free consultation!

Meet the Attorneys
Joseph L. Benson and Ben J. Bingham, lawyers at Benson & Bingham law firm

Client Testimonials

I suggest using Benson & Bingham if you’re in need of an injury accident attorney! They have an amazing staff and made the entire process easy and stress free handling my case with compassion and a remedy of great efficacy!

Brandy Eliott ★★★★★

I picked this place and I’m so glad that I did. Ida was very helpful and professional. If I had questions they were answered. I would definitely use them again in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your service I appreciate it.

Charissa Vanblerkom ★★★★★

What I love about Benson & Bingham, especially from my attorney, Lina, I felt informed and cared for my health. She made sure I was ok at all times through my injury. I hate I had the accident, but it was comforting to know I was well taken care of.

Sandra Burke ★★★★★

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Benson & Bingham: Obtaining Exceptional Results for Product Liability Cases

Benson & Bingham's Most Recent Settlements And Victories

Total Settled by Verdicts for Clients

$500,000,000.00 We've Recovered $500,000,000.00 Since Our Beginnings

Since 2004, the personal injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham have been able to secure over $500 million in damages for our clients who have been harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Defective Product/Auto Injury

$3,300,000.00 Our Lawyers Have Recovered $3,300,000 On A Defective Product/Auto Injury Accident

Our Reno personal defective product attorneys recently obtained $3.3 million for a client who had been injured in an auto accident that was determined to be the result of a defective product in their vehicle.

Defective Drug

$900,000.00 Our Lawyers Have Recovered $900,000 Recovered On A Defective Drug Lawsuit

Benson & Bingham settled nearly 1 million dollars in damages for a client who had been harmed by a defective drug. We have the skills and expertise necessary to face off big corporations and their lawyers!

Why We’re Reno’s Best-Reviewed Defective Product Injury Lawyers

Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, is defining personal. There are no cookie cutter methods at our firm! Our deep care for our clients matched with our personalized approach to each case is why we so consistently obtain five star reviews. It’s our recipe for success, and it works!

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Our Reno personal injury law office is conveniently located in Reno and ready to serve you! Whether you’re facing a defective product claim, wrongful death claim, auto accident, slip and fall, or seeking compensation for another personal injury claim, we are ready to provide our top rated service and representation. Call our office now to schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers!

Types of Damages in Defective Product Claims

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

Determining compensation after a defective product claim can be more complicated than other types of personal injury law. Generally speaking, losses are divided into economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and other tangible losses that are easily calculated. Non-economic damages are just as real but less tangible, which can make it difficult to place a financial value upon them. This loss category can include PTSD, pain and suffering, and disfigurement.

Recover Compensatory Damages For A Product Liability In Reno, NV

Compensatory Damages

Plaintiffs in a Reno personal injury lawsuit may be able to obtain compensatory damages for loss of earnings and medical expenses. These types of damages are easier to calculate because they are based upon data from your employer, such as pay stubs. Your Reno personal injury attorney can calculate your lost earnings from your time off work due to your injuries. If your injuries force you to reduce your hours long-term, prevent you from going back to work altogether, or force you to change careers, you may be able to include anticipated lost wages in your settlement. This refers to wages that you would have earned had you not been injured, including anticipated promotions, bonuses, and other incentives your workplace offers. Medical bills can be tallied according to information from your care provider.

Non-Economic Damages

This category of damages refers primarily to pain and suffering, which makes up a large part of most personal injury settlements. Pain and suffering settlements typically include damages for physical pain, mental anguish, and loss of the enjoyment of life. Victims may be able to recover damages for disfigurement, scarring, past and future pain. Mental suffering can include shock from the accident, humiliation, insecurity, and other related negative emotions. Loss of quality of life is common after painful injuries or a forced career change. Your Reno personal injury attorney will utilize a variety of evidence, including witness and expert testimony, your medical records, personal testimony, and other evidence to prove your case for non-economic damages in a product liability case.

Recover Non-Economic Damages In A Reno Product Liability Case
Recover Punitive Damages In A Reno Product Liability Case

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are not paid to victims as compensation, but are intended to punish defendants whose conduct was especially negligent, reckless, or intentional. They may be awarded by a judge or jury after particularly grievous actions and will be paid in addition to compensatory damages. Punitive damages are not fixed by law, but are at the discretion of the court, who must consider the defendant’s conduct, the disparity between the plaintiff’s harm and the punitive damages that are awarded, and what amount of punitive damages were awarded in similar cases. Not all personal injury cases will include punitive damages, but your Reno personal injury attorney may build an argument depending on the circumstances.

Looking for a Defective Product Attorney? Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

If you’ve been injured from a defective product that was poorly designed, had a manufacturing error that affected its function, or was not properly labeled, you may eligible to pursue financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call the trusted Reno product liability attorneys at Benson & Bingham to discuss your legal options and to learn more about the process. We are ready to help!

Types of Defective Products in Accident Injury Claims

Our Reno product liability law firm is experienced with product liability claims from multiple industries. Whether you’ve been injured by a defective part, a product that was poorly and unsafely designed, or instructions that were unclear, we are ready to help you resolve your legal dispute and obtain the financial compensation that you deserve. As the leading personal injury law firm in Reno, Benson & Bingham can be trusted with your case! Call us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

Medical Devices & Equipment

Faulty surgical equipment, pacemakers, implants, and other medical devices that were poorly manufactured, had a product defect, or were inadequately tested can result in product liability claims. The manufacturer and/or the prescriber may be liable.

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Injuries that result from insufficiently tested or improperly prescribed medications, or a physician’s failure to fully explain potential side effects of a medication are common examples of pharmaceutical product liability cases.

Cars, Tires & Auto Parts

Some vehicle accidents are the result of manufacturing or design defects in vehicles, repair parts, tires, and other vehicle components. These errors can prevent a vehicle from functioning properly or make it difficult to operate.

Electronic Devices, Toys, & Games

Electric shocks, unexpected damage, and physical injuries can result from electronic devices that were poorly designed. Other common situations include toys that cause choking or have small pieces that can break off and endanger children.

Household Appliances

Defective household appliances can result in house fires, electrocution, burns, property damage, water damage, and many other serious situations. This can apply to both small and large household appliances.

Tools & Cleaning Products

Power tools that are improperly labeled or defective can result in serious injuries, as can cleaning products that were insufficiently tested and many other household products that are used in daily life.

FAQs About Product Liability Claims

Contact a Reno Product Liability Attorney at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC

Product liability claims are complex, but you don’t need to face them alone! Get the representation you need for the best chance of success when you work with a trusted Reno personal injury lawyer team. Our experienced attorneys know how to handle negotiations, B&B uncover evidence, and face tough corporate lawyers while fighting for your rights and interests. We are ready to build a personalized case on your behalf. Call us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation with one of our attorneys!

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