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Las Vegas Doctor Gets Life in Prison For Sexually Assaulting Patients

July 16, 2017

A Clark County doctor has been sentenced to serve fifty years to life for sexually assaulting his patients. Binh “Ben” Chung was accused of drugging and raping his patients and was convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas. Chung had videotaped sex acts with three unconscious women and one teenage girl who all had been drugged and then raped. The jury found that Chung used his status as a doctor in the Las Vegas Valley and the close personal relationships he had with his patients to prey on these women to play out his self-described “Sleeping Beauty” fantasy.

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Did You Know Within 90 Days after Injury, You Have the Right to Change Doctors?

July 11, 2017

Many times when a worker gets injured, the employer sends the worker to Concentra for medical treatment. Unless an injured worker requests a transfer of care to another physician, that injured worker will be stuck treating with Concentra. If an injured worker wants to transfer care over to another physician, a request must made to the insurance adjuster within the first 90 days of the injury. The injured worker will then select a physician off an approved network provider list.

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Las Vegas to be First City to Implement Citywide Crash Prediction Technology

July 10, 2017

Las Vegas will be the first city ever to implement citywide crash prediction technology, according to an article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Sunday. Starting in September, the Las Vegas Regional Transit Center will start the program to predict when and where an automobile accident or traffic congestion might occur on Southern Nevada roads. The web-based technology was developed by an Israeli tech start-up called Waycare. The plan was announced today and will use software that has been specifically created to help law enforcement agencies.

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Hit and Run Leaves Man Injured in Las Vegas

July 03, 2017

A man is fighting for his life after sustaining injuries in a hit and run accident in Las Vegas on Saturday night. The man was struck and then dragged by a vehicle in an apartment complex parking lot around 1:20 am. The car involved in the crash is a four-door silver sedan. When the car struck the pedestrian, in the apartment complex at 5905 W. Charleston Blvd, it dragged him about 300 feet before he became dislodged and rolled out from under the car as it exited onto Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas, NV. Unfortunately, hit and run incidents are pretty common in southern Nevada.

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Las Vegas Auto Accident - Drunk Driver Kills Two Teens

June 27, 2017

Last Saturday night there was an auto accident resulting in the death of two teens in Las Vegas, NV. The crash occurred on the corner of Judson ave. and Marion dr. close to Lake Mead in Clark County, where two cars collided in the intersection. One driver, in a Ford Expedition, ran a red light and hit the juveniles in a Kia Soul, careening the car into a desert area. The two teens were ejected from the car and when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived on the scene, the boys were pronounced dead.

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Las Vegas Motor Vehicle Accident -It Can Happen to You!

June 19, 2017

No one leaves his/her home in the morning contemplating being involved in a motor vehicle accident, but it can happen to you! In fact, statistically, living in Las Vegas it will happen to you. In a controlled environment, most people feel comfortable that they know what steps to take, exchanging contact and insurance information etc.

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Dog Bites on the Rise in Las Vegas

June 14, 2017

Dog attacks are a traumatic experience that can cause significant disfigurement and permanent scarring, not to mention serious psychological harm. And, unfortunately, these attacks are only becoming more commonplace in our city.   An average of seven people are bitten by a dog every day, according to a shocking new report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Two New Cases of Legionnaires' Disease Contracted at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

June 10, 2017

The Southern Nevada Health District announced Friday that two guests staying at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas had contracted Legionnaire's Disease.  The onset of the disease occurred two separate times in both March and April; accordingly, everyone potentially exposed to the outbreak may not have come to light.  The hotel has since tested the water system and found traces of the Legionella bacteria.  The Rio Casino is currently working with the Southern Nevada Health District to remedy the issue, using large amounts of chlorine in high temps to disinfect its water infrastructure.

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