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Injury from Las Vegas apartment fire

May 15, 2017

One person is in critical condition following a southeast Las Vegas apartment fire, and another was less seriously injured. The fire took place much earlier today, on East Harmon Ave near the Boulder Highway. Clark County Fire Department officials indicated that they were called to the fire about a quarter before five this morning. The specific location of the fire, per the fire department and recent news reports on the Las Vegas area apartment fire, was at 5421 East Harmon Ave. The news article, through a map embedded in their story, places this as the Canyon Pointe Apartment Homes.

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Las Vegas School Bus Crash Injures Children, Kills Adult

May 05, 2017

A Clark County School District bus crash killed the driver of a sedan and injured more than a dozen students in northeast Las Vegas yesterday. As of yet, thankfully none of the children have died. However, news reports put the number of children injured in the Las Vegas school bus accident at three dozen. Sixteen of the children were said to have been hospitalized following this Las Vegas school bus crash accident, some of them quite seriously. Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law are some of the best Las Vegas school bus crash and injury lawyers in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas vehicle death from SpeedVegas crash lawsuit settles

April 26, 2017

Recently we wrote about settlements in Nevada personal injury lawsuits, this blog will be about settlements as well but this time, however, it is Las Vegas vehicle death and even worker’s comp. We went a little too ploddingly in the last blog, so we will not make the same mistake twice and bury the lede like we did in that one. To wit, the case we are talking about is related to the SpeedVegas vehicle death that happened not too long ago. If you already know about that case from our discussions of it or really anywhere, skip on ahead to the next graph.

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Nevada Personal Injury Settlement Offers - Don't Take the First

April 23, 2017

Settlements can definitely be your friend in any kind of Nevada personal injury lawsuit. We understand that some clients want to have their day in court, and support that to the degree that we can. But some clients can’t wait that long. Some cases are not worth a drawn out court battle. Some settlement offers are too good to risk. If it is about the day in court itself we get that. But for most of our clients, they realize at some point that really it is more about the after the day in court.

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Another Las Vegas Pedestrian Crash, Death

April 21, 2017

A Las Vegas pedestrian crash killed a woman yesterday and remains under investigation. The accident occurred late last night, on April 20th. The police have said that the time of the accident was 10:30 in the evening. The crash occurred on West Spring Mountain road, close to the intersection of South Stober Boulevard. The accident reportedly occurred mid block, and not in a marked intersection or crosswalk. This is just down the street from the Spring Oaks Shopping Center, a little to the west of Chinatown Plaza. The woman killed was a 57 year old who lived in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas car accident, delayed death of man

April 16, 2017

There has been a recent police update on the condition of a man injured in a car accident about a week ago in Las Vegas, and it is the worst kind of update there is. The man, a 64 year old from Las Vegas, “succumbed to his injuries” in the words of the Las Vegas Metro Police news release. This was the 37th person to be killed in the Las Vegas Metro Police area of coverage this year in traffic related incidents. The Las Vegas car accident happened on the 9th of this month. It took place a little after seven thirty in the morning.

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Bill moves forward that could increase marijuana DUI accidents in Nevada

April 16, 2017

We are continuing to closely track all proposed legislation that would affect victim’s rights and personal injury law in Nevada. The Nevada Legislature is in session, as of course you know they are every other year for a 120 day period of time. Now, it often adds another day or more in special session either directly after a regular session or randomly throughout the other 5/6 of the time when the legislature is not normally in session.

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How the United Airlines overbooking drama could relate to Las Vegas worker's compensation, personal injury

April 10, 2017

What could the United Airlines debacle teach us about Las Vegas worker’s compensation, or personal injury? A lot, though they might not seem intimately intertwined at first. To begin, let us talk for a moment about what the United Airlines incident is that we are referring to. Sure, you probably know by now, and if you do, humor us as we take off into it (you may have to put up with a certain number of those types of puns, sorry we are not sorry).

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