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Far more motorcycle deaths in Las Vegas area last year

February 20, 2017

It was a bad year for motorcycle deaths in Nevada. In particular, it is a bad year for this fatal bike crashes in the Las Vegas area (Clark County specifically). This is of course 2016, the most recent full year and of course now we are starting to see the statistical information coming out about crashes, tickets, everything road and traffic related. And the numbers are bad. There was more than a half again as many people killed on motorcycles in 2016 as there were in 2015.

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Las Vegas racetrack crash victim identified as visitor from Canada

February 18, 2017

A Canadian visitor has been identified as the second person killed in a Las Vegas race track crash, according to the word released today. The instructor who was killed had previously been identified. The tourist killed in was identified as a 37 year old man named Craig Sherwood. Additionally killed in the crash was an instructor at the race track, Speed Vegas. He was a 59 year old man named Gill Ben-Kely. The crash occurred a few days ago. The driver, Mr.

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Las Vegas Bicycle Crash, Rider Taken to Hospital

February 17, 2017

We’re getting breaking news about a bicycle hit by a truck in Las Vegas earlier this evening. Not much is known at this point. The accident is reported in the area of Valley View Blvd and Oakey Blvd. This is near Artesian Heights and the Palomino Area neighborhoods.

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Deadly Las Vegas motorcycle crash under investigation

February 16, 2017

Another deadly accident occurred tonight in Las Vegas, this one a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle crashes often are fatal, in just awful statistical data. They are a type of crash that Benson & Bingham see all the time in Las Vegas. With motorcycles so prevalent in the south west, plus the 24 hour party town “Wild West” atmosphere of Las Vegas, there are just a terrible number of fatal bike crashes in Nevada and Las Vegas in particular. We help families of people killed in motorcycle crashes understand their legal options in a free initial consultation.

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Delayed pedestrian death in Las Vegas crash that killed 2

February 16, 2017

Some pedestrian deaths in Las Vegas happened sooner, and some later. In a crash almost a month ago, one of two people crossing the street were killed crossing Boulder Highway. The other died just today. Benson & Bingham have helped many people in this same situation, with a loved one killed crossing the street in Las Vegas.

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Nevada DUI crash and injuries may be result of preferential treatment for police officer

February 12, 2017

People who have power using it to unfairly advantage themselves is bad enough in general. People using an official position to enrich themselves is closer to blood curdling. And people in positions of legal authority using it to get away with major breaks of the law is perhaps the apex of all the bad ones. You read about it here and there, cops being part of drug cartels or sex crime rings or shaking down motorists with civil asset forfeiture. The officer who made recent news may not have been as bad as all that, but he was apparently no boy scout.

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Garbage Truck Crash Kills Las Vegas Girl, 11

February 09, 2017

A garbage truck crash killed an 11 year old girl in Las Vegas a couple of days ago. This is just an awful tragedy to see on the news and elsewhere. The girl was crossing the street with the light, per this report on this awful crash. It was not immediately known whether she walking with the walk signal or not. The crash remains under investigation by the Las Vegas Metro Police. Metro had some more details of it, which we’ll get to in a minute.

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Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident, 1 dead

February 07, 2017

Las Vegas Metro Police have given more details on a recent fatal motorcycle crash. In a press release on the Las Vegas motorcycle death, Las Vegas Metro Police had the following to report:“On February 4, 2017, at approximately 11:59 a.m., a fatal injury traffic collision occurred on S. Las Vegas Blvd at the "T" intersection with Barbara Lane. Evidence at the scene and witness statements indicated the 2014 Harley Davidson was traveling north on S. Las Vegas Blvd. A 2004 BMW, driven by 21¬year¬old Kaelyn Swain, was traveling south on S.

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