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Our Staff

Cassidy Kay Cassidy Kay Case Manager Full Bio
Eva G. Villezcas Eva G. Villezcas Legal Assistant / Disbursements Manager Full Bio
Amy L. Sulanke Amy L. Sulanke Litigation Paralegal Full Bio
Goharik DeGregorio Goharik DeGregorio Litigation Paralegal Full Bio
Heather Payne Heather Payne Litigation Paralegal Full Bio
Rebecca Hellman Rebecca Hellman Office Manager Full Bio
Phillip Cuartas Phillip Cuartas Case Manager Full Bio
Peter Kornilov Peter Kornilov Document & Software Manager Full Bio
Ana Tinta Ana Tinta Legal Assistant Full Bio
Dr. Bernadette Lazar, PhD. Dr. Bernadette Lazar, PhD. Bilingual Case Manager Full Bio
Kimberly Cuartas Kimberly Cuartas Bilingual Legal Assistant Full Bio
Isabel Villezcas Isabel Villezcas Bilingual Case Manager Full Bio
Ofelia Acevedo Ofelia Acevedo Receptionist Full Bio
Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Bilingual Case Manager Full Bio
Elizabeth Garcia Elizabeth Garcia Legal Assistant Full Bio
Elizabeth Caceres Elizabeth Caceres Legal Assistant Full Bio
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