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  • Personal Injury Law
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Amy L. Sulanke

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Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC Office In Las Vegas

A Decade of Dedication to Benson & Bingham

Amy L. Sulanke’s tenure at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, since 2009, marks over a decade of unwavering commitment and exemplary service within the firm’s litigation department. Her role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities that are critical to the litigation process, including the drafting of pleadings, managing responses to written discovery, and the meticulous collection of medical and billing records. Amy’s expertise extends to the production of discovery documents, scheduling depositions and appointments, retaining experts, and preparing for trial. Her contributions significantly enhance the firm’s ability to represent its clients effectively, reflecting her importance as a cornerstone of the litigation team.

From File Clerk to Litigation Paralegal: A Journey of Growth

Amy’s journey in the legal field is a story of remarkable growth and development. Born and raised in Las Vegas, she began her career as a file clerk, laying the foundation for what would become an extensive career spanning over 25 years. Today, Amy skillfully manages over 75 litigation files, a testament to her evolved expertise and deep understanding of the legal landscape. Her transition from managing basic clerical tasks to overseeing complex litigation files illustrates her dedication to professional advancement and her capacity for continuous learning and adaptation.

Bridging Perspectives: From Defense to Plaintiff Advocacy

Amy’s unique professional background, having spent nine years working on the “dark” defense side before shifting to the “bright and sunny” plaintiff’s side, provides her with a comprehensive understanding of legal strategies from both perspectives. This experience is invaluable, offering her exceptional insight into cases and mastery of Nevada civil procedure rules. Amy’s ability to anticipate defense strategies and leverage her knowledge for the benefit of injury victims is a powerful asset, enabling her to contribute significantly to the success of her client’s cases.

A Family-Centered Life

Besides her professional accomplishments, Amy’s personal life is deeply rooted in family and community. Married with four children, she prioritizes her role as a mother and wife, cherishing the time spent with her family. In January 2024, Amy also embraced the role of grandmother upon the arrival of her first grandchild. Amy’s active involvement in her church within the Christian community further highlights her commitment to her faith and the values it instills in her daily life. These aspects of her personal life not only offer her balance and fulfillment but also influence her professional demeanor, infusing her work with compassion and integrity.

The Proud Wife of a Retired U.S. Army Soldier

Amy’s pride in her husband’s service as a retired U.S. Army Soldier is a significant part of her identity. This aspect of her life underscores a deep respect for dedication, sacrifice, and service—values that resonate with her professional ethos as well. Amy’s experience as a military spouse has likely endowed her with resilience, adaptability, and a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by service members and their families. This background enriches her perspective, adding depth to her interactions with clients who may be facing their own challenges and adversities.

Conclusion: Amy L. Sulanke – A Pillar of Expertise and Empathy

Amy L. Sulanke’s profile is a narrative of professional excellence, personal growth, and dedicated service. Her extensive experience in the legal field, combined with her unique transition from defense to plaintiff advocacy, equips her with a broad and insightful perspective that enhances her contributions to Benson & Bingham. Beyond her professional achievements, Amy’s life is a testament to the importance of family, community, and service, values that she seamlessly integrates into her work. As Amy continues to navigate the complexities of litigation and advocate for her clients, her story serves as an inspiration, illustrating the impact of expertise, empathy, and unwavering commitment in both the legal profession and life.


Canyon Ridge Christian Church
Member of Homeschool Group Eagles

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