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Have You Been Injured In A Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash? Here Are The Steps To Take:

Motorcycle accidents can be life-altering, leaving victims with not only physical injuries but also emotional and financial burdens. In the bustling streets of Las Vegas and the scenic routes around Reno, riders face numerous risks, from distracted drivers to challenging road conditions. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident, you’re not alone. Benson & Bingham, an Injury law firm in Downtown Vegas, is here to support and guide you through the legal process, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming. Dealing with injuries, medical bills, and insurance claims can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Benson & Bingham simplifies the claims process, handling every aspect of your case so you can focus on recovery. From gathering evidence and negotiating with insurance companies to fighting for your rights in court, we’re with you every step of the way.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance After The Accident

Getting a thorough medical evaluation as soon as possible following the accident is a vital piece to receiving maximum compensation for your claim. You may feel fine or not see any visible injuries, but it is better to be safe than sorry and get official documentation of any injuries at all, even just bruises or minor scratches.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance After The Motorcycle Accident In Las Vegas
Gather Names And Contact Information Of All Parties Involved
Gather Names And Contact Information Of All Parties Involved

Be sure to gather all the contact and insurance information from each involved party while still at the accident scene. You will need names, phone numbers, and insurance information. Your Las Vegas accident injury lawyer will use the information to negotiate between insurance companies and reach a fair settlement for your injuries.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene

Remember to take as many pictures and videos as you can of the accident scene. Pictures up close as well as pictures from farther away will help your attorney piece together the accident scene to determine exactly what happened. You can also use photo evidence for license plate numbers and other insurance information.

Take Pictures Of The Motorcycle Accident Scene In Las Vegas
Report Your Motorcycle Accident To The Las Vegas Police
Report Your Accident To The Police

As soon as possible, contact law enforcement to notify them of the accident. While police officers typically arrive on the scene, minor fender benders can go unnoticed. All accidents should always be reported, to assist with a lawsuit or injury claim that could occur as a result. The official police report will assist your personal injury lawyer with their claim.

Initiate A Free Consultation With a Motorcycle Attorney In Las Vegas

Schedule a free consultation with a reputable personal injury law firm near you in Las Vegas right away to discuss the situation and determine if you have valid reason to file a lawsuit. Benson & Bingham takes your case seriously and will begin gathering evidence, police reports, witness testimonies, medical assessments, and more with the intent of building a strategic defense.

Initiate A Free Consultation With a Motorcycle Attorney In Las Vegas
Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Injuries

Once you have hired a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney, they will negotiate with the involved insurance companies to determine a fair settlement for your injuries. Your current and future medical bills will be considered, along with pain and suffering, lost wages, your affected quality of life, and financial hardships that occur due to the injury.

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Why Hire Our Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

An Award-Winning Law Firm That Excels In All Types Of Motorcycle Accident Claims

Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC takes pride in providing personalized representation for victims of injury from motorcycle accidents. As experienced riders ourselves, we know that motorcyclists often face an uphill battle from insurance companies when seeking compensation. That is why we are passionate about providing unmatched service and attention to our clients as we fight for the compensation they deserve.

What Types Of Damages Can I Recover In A Motorcycle Accident Case?

Fight For a Fair Settlement & Get The Maximum Compensation For Your Damages

Current & Future Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses, both current and future, are considered during the settlement negotiations. Your lawyer will ask you to provide proof of all medical expenses related to the injuries including emergency and ambulance bills, follow ups, prescriptions, rehabilitation costs, and therapy, and will help you gather the appropriate paperwork.

Physical Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering damages include both physical and emotional traumas faced by the victim. Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will help you provide proof of substantial physical pain and mental difficulty causing you to suffer as a result of the injury. Pain and suffering include visits with a therapist.

Lost Wages For Time Off Work

When determining the amount in damages you are eligible to receive for your lost work time and wages, your attorney will multiply your normal hourly wage by the number of work hours you have missed due to injury. You will be asked to submit your most recent paycheck stub.

Property Damage

If your motorcycle was damaged or totaled in the accident, you are eligible to be compensated for any expenses related to repairs made or for a new bike. Let our Las Vegas personal injury law firm help you file a claim for compensation relating to property damages.

Decreased Quality Of Life & Rehabilitation Expenses

Motorcycle accidents often lead to severe injuries or permanent impairment and lifelong disability. Injured cyclists deserve compensation when another person causes them harm that decreases their quality of life. Visit Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers for help moving forward with your life after a crash.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one has died in a motorcycle crash as the result of another driver’s negligence, our Las Vegas wrongful death lawyers at Benson & Bingham offer free consultations and case reviews at each of our locations. Let us help you get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Meet Our Experienced Team Of Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

When you visit Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, you can trust that we understand the difficulty you have endured and the lengthy battle you face to repair the physical and emotional damages. We believe you deserve to be fully compensated for the struggles you face, so our Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers fight passionately from start to finish for a successful outcome.

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Meet Our Experienced Team Of Lawyers In Las Vegas
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I suggest using Benson & Bingham if you’re in need of an injury accident attorney! They have an amazing staff and made the entire process easy and stress free handling my case with compassion and a remedy of great efficacy!

Brandy Eliott ★★★★★

I picked this place and I’m so glad that I did. Ida was very helpful and professional. If I had questions they were answered. I would definitely use them again in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your service I appreciate it.

Charissa Vanblerkom ★★★★★

What I love about Benson & Bingham, especially from my attorney, Lina, I felt informed and cared for my health. She made sure I was ok at all times through my injury. I hate I had the accident, but it was comforting to know I was well taken care of.

Sandra Burke ★★★★★

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Recent Settlement and Victories

Total Settled By Verdicts For Clients

$500,00,000.00 We Have Recovered A Total Of $500,000,000 In Motorists Wrongdully Injured

Over the past decade, Benson & Bingham’s accident injury lawyers have successfully recovered over $500 million in damages for clients involved in personal injury cases. We specialize in strategic, aggressive representation no matter how complex your injuries.

Motorcycle Accident

$4,250,000.00 $650,000 In Settlement Achieved In Motorcycle Accidents

Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC demonstrated their legal prowess by obtaining a $4.25 million settlement in a case involving a motorcycle and a delivery vehicle. This substantial settlement is a testament to our firm’s relentless pursuit of justice for those affected by serious accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accident

$335,000.00 $335,000 Settlement Achieved In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Clients facing injury from any motor vehicle accident could be entitled to receive up to $335,000 in damages. Benson & Bingham will fight tirelessly for you to be fairly compensated while you rest and recover from the injuries you received.

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At Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, we know Nevada law inside and out, and can skillfully apply it to various cases. We believe motorcyclists have extensive rights on the road and will confidently negotiate with difficult insurance companies to ensure our clients get what they deserve. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our personal injury attorneys near you in Las Vegas today!

Understanding Nevada Motorcycle Accident Laws

The key to achieving maximum compensation for damages received in a motorcycle accident is to be represented by a lawyer who has a personal investment in your case. As motorcyclists ourselves, Benson & Bingham are fully aware of the dangers cyclists face on the road, and the challenges they endure with insurance companies. We are equipped to negotiate on your behalf as you recover from injury.

Nevada Is a Fault State

Nevada Is a Fault State

When negotiating settlements for vehicle accident and personal injury claims, Nevada is considered a “fault state”, which essentially means that once a party has been determined to be guilty, their insurance company is legally required to pay damages to the injured party. If the defendant is found guilty but carries no insurance, they are held personally liable for the damages owed.

Comparative Negligence Law

Nevada law allows a victim to recover compensation even when they are partially at fault for the accident. The comparative negligence law means that it must be determined that one party is less than 50% at fault and therefore eligible for compensation, while the party that is over 50% guilty cannot receive anything. It is a matter of which party was comparatively more negligent.

Comparative Negligence Law In Las Vegas
Statute of Limitations for Motor Vehicle Accidents In Las Vegas

Statute Of Limitations For Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Claims

In Nevada, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years from the date the injury was received. For medical malpractice injury claims, the claim must be made within three years from the date the injury was received or one year from when the injury was discovered. Always contact a personal injury attorney immediately for counsel!

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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Las Vegas


Speeding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents, especially in high traffic areas. The motorcyclist could have been speeding, or other vehicles on the roadway may be driving recklessly.

Distracted/Aggressive Driving

Drivers on their phone, changing the radio station, or chauffeuring a carload of kids to soccer practice are highly distracted and may make poor decisions while on the road.

Drunk Driver

Intoxicated drivers account for a disproportionate amount of motorcycle accidents on the roadway, especially around the Las Vegas strip where drivers and alcohol are common.

Falling Asleep While Driving

Fatigue-related vehicle accidents can be especially severe because the driver has no reaction time while causing the accident. It can be considered gross negligence in Nevada.

Poor Weather Conditions

Inclement weather such as rain or fog cause the roadway to become slippery, especially for motorcycles. It also leads to low visibility and a higher potential for accidents.

Defective Motorcycle Parts

Not only are motorcycle accidents caused by driver negligence, but malfunctioning or defective motorcycle parts play a contributing factor. It is important to keep your motorcycle in optimal working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Cases

Who Pays The Medical Bills After a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident?

Nevada is a fault state, which means that the party determined to be most guilty of causing the accident will be held liable to pay any medical expenses relating to the injury you received. If the person found guilty does not hold any insurance coverage, they will be required to pay all damages out of pocket. Some insurance policies actually offer personal injury protection specifically for paying medical bills in an injury-inducing motorcycle accident. Visit with your injury lawyer at Benson & Bingham to learn more about how the compensation process works.

Can I Still Seek Compensation If I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet At The Time Of The Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcyclists who ride without a helmet or body protection are at a significantly higher risk of being severely injured or chronically impaired. Almost half of all motorcycle drivers who die in a vehicle accident are not wearing helmets. Choosing not to wear a helmet does not change who is liable for the accident. If another driver is more than 50% guilty of causing the incident, their insurance policy will be required to cover any and all expenses relating to your injury, pain and suffering.

Who Bears Liability For A Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident?

Any motorcyclist who has been injured in a vehicle accident is entitled to seek compensation for their physical injury, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and motorcycle repairs. With accidents involving another vehicle, your lawyer will work diligently to determine who was most at fault for causing the incident. If the accident involved a defective motorcycle part, the manufacturer can be held liable. If the incident involved dangerous road conditions, the local government can be held liable for failing to correct the concerns of a hazardous environment.

The At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company Offered Me A Settlement. Should I Take It?

If the insurance company of the at-fault driver contacts you with a settlement offer, you should never agree to anything without first speaking with your personal injury lawyer. Typically when personal injury claims are filed, your attorney will handle all negotiations and contact with the other involved insurance companies. There is no need for them to contact you separately. The best course of action is to politely refer them to your attorney and hang up the phone. If you take the settlement they offer, you may not know that you are truly eligible to receive more.

Do You Need a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

While you are not legally required to be represented by a lawyer when making a personal injury claim, it is in your best interest to make the investment. Attempting to file a claim and negotiate with insurance companies independently can lead to you receiving much less of a settlement than you are eligible to receive. A personal injury lawyer can handle all the appropriate paperwork and is equipped to go head-to-head with insurance, while you rest and recover from your injuries. A lawyer will ensure you are properly represented and will fight passionately for you to receive maximum opensation.

What If The At-Fault Party Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Nevada is considered a fault state, so any party found to be guilty of causing a motorcycle accident will be held liable to pay all damages. If that party does not carry insurance coverage, they will be legally required to pay the expenses out of pocket. Your attorney can assist in filling a compensation claim with your insurance company, or file a lawsuit to recover compensation from the driver’s personal assets. This is a lengthy and complex process, so it is best to seek the guidance and counsel of an experienced attorney.

How Long Do I Have to File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas?

The statute of limitations in Nevada for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date the injury occurred. This applies to all vehicle accidents that caused injury as a result. In medical malpractice and negligence claims, you must make the claim within three years from the date the injury occurred, or one year from when the injury was actually discovered. If believe you deserve to be compensated for injuries received during a motorcycle accident, contact a reputable law firm like Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC for guidance.

What Are The Costs Involved In Retaining A Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Many people hesitate to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer due to the expense. Many lawyers offer service on a contingency basis, so if nothing is recovered, you owe nothing. If they are able to successfully recover compensation for your case, the lawyer fee is typically 33% to 40% of the amount they recover. It is important to remember that with a lawyer negotiating on your behalf, you have the best chance at recovering the maximum amount possible for your injury, which means the lawyer fee will not be paid out of pocket.

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