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Early Life and Education

Andrea Garcia, a proud native of Las Vegas, Nevada, embarked on her educational journey at Southeast Technical Academy, a place where her passion for cosmetology was nurtured. It was here that she not only excelled academically but also seized the opportunity to major in cosmetology, acquiring her hair design license. This early achievement laid the foundation for her commitment to personal growth and professional development.

Initial Career Steps in Dermatology

Before her tenure at Benson & Bingham, Andrea honed her interpersonal and professional skills at a local dermatology office. Over two years, she played a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and caring environment for patients. Her dedication to patient care and her ability to connect with individuals on a personal level distinguished her as a valuable team member, gaining invaluable experience in the healthcare sector.

Transition to the Legal Field

With an unwavering desire for continuous learning and personal growth, Andrea made a strategic career shift to join Benson & Bingham, a decision that marked a new chapter in her professional life. This transition into the legal field was driven by her ambition to embrace new challenges and expand her horizons. Andrea views her move to Benson & Bingham as a stepping stone to further growth, appreciating the firm’s dynamic environment that fosters professional development and learning.

Professional Growth and Development

At Benson & Bingham, Andrea has embraced the opportunity to delve into the legal world, an area vastly different from her previous experience in dermatology. This transition has allowed her to acquire new skills, broaden her knowledge base, and understand the intricacies of legal practices. Her adaptability and eagerness to learn have made her an asset to the Benson & Bingham team, contributing to her personal and professional growth.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside of her professional endeavors, Andrea cherishes her time with family and friends, valuing the strong bonds and shared experiences that bring joy to her life. She is an avid animal lover, enjoying leisurely walks with her dog, a pastime that offers her relaxation and a deep connection with nature. Moreover, Andrea continues to nurture her passion for cosmetology, practicing acrylic nails and facials, skills that not only enhance her creativity but also allow her to maintain her connection with her initial career interests.


Andrea Garcia’s journey from a cosmetology enthusiast to a valued member of the Benson & Bingham team illustrates her adaptability, dedication to growth, and commitment to excellence. Her ability to transition across diverse professional landscapes while maintaining her interests and connections with her roots is a testament to her dynamic character and aspirations. As she continues to evolve in her role, Andrea remains thankful for the opportunities that have shaped her career, looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead in her professional and personal life.

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