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BensonBingham | March 10, 2021 |

Anytime you walk into a business open to the public, you might see a “Wet Floor” sign, especially in casinos and hotels. You’ll see them when it’s raining out, if someone spilled something, or if the floor was recently mopped. Businesses put the signs up to keep you safe. The signs also reduce a business’s […]

Justin Simpson | March 9, 2021 |

While snow can be a fun and exciting event for many, driving in it can be scary and dangerous. While many Nevadans are accustomed to these road conditions, it is still important to familiarize oneself with precautions while operating a motor vehicle. Snow Accidents and Precautions Every year almost twenty-five percent of weather-related motor vehicle […]

BensonBingham | March 3, 2021 |

After a vehicle accident in Las Vegas, the first thing you should do, if you are able, is to call first responders. Even if you suffered minor to no injuries, you should still call the police. Nevada law requires calling the police in a car accident where anyone was killed or injured. But even if […]

BensonBingham | February 26, 2021 |

State and local government entities in Nevada own nearly 10,000 properties. The United States Government owns an additional five buildings. Odds are, you were in one or more of these facilities as a private citizen conducting business with your government. You may not have considered what could happen if you are injured on a property […]

BensonBingham | February 22, 2021 |

We often build our modern lives around the automobile. Las Vegans depend on cars to get to work, go to the grocery store, and visit acquaintances. However, the convenience of owning and driving a car comes at a cost. Tens of thousands of Americans die or suffer injuries in car accidents every year. Car accidents […]

BensonBingham | February 20, 2021 |

You can get hurt because of someone else’s wrongful conduct in a virtually infinite variety of ways. Oftentimes, you have no control over those circumstances. A drunk driver’s car slams into yours, for example, even though you drive defensively and follow the rules of the road. Sometimes, however, you choose to put yourself in a […]

BensonBingham | February 17, 2021 |

Nearly $50 million in workers’ compensation claims get paid every year, so you might think obtaining workers’ comp benefits is easy. Unfortunately, that’s not so. Injured workers often have a rude awakening when they learn about the gauntlet they need to run simply to obtain the benefits they deserve. One of the many hurdles workers […]

BensonBingham | February 15, 2021 |

Generally speaking, a person who suffers injuries because of someone else’s wrongful decisions or actions has a legal right to seek compensation from that wrongdoer through a personal injury lawsuit. In that lawsuit, the person injured is the plaintiff, and the person the plaintiff sues is called the defendant. The amount of money the plaintiff […]

Justin Simpson | February 11, 2021 |

Fatal crashes have been on a steady increase in Nevada over the past three years, with 2020 having a 3.3 percent increase from 2019. The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that a large majority of the 314 fatal crashes in 2020 were caused by speeding or impatient driving. [1] However, a recent report by the Advocates […]

BensonBingham | February 10, 2021 |

People often want to put a car accident behind them as quickly as possible, with the least amount of hassle in the process. That’s completely understandable. However, that instinct can also lead to problems, such as when an accident victim makes the mistake of thinking that hiring a lawyer will only slow the process down […]

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