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Construction Hazards & Accidents

Construction Equipment can Pose Serious Hazards in Many Ways.
Construction Equipment can Pose Serious Hazards in Many Ways.

Because of the ever-expanding nature of Las Vegas and Reno, construction site accidents injure or kill thousands of workers each year throughout Nevada. These sites, including cranes and heavy equipment, are as much a part of Nevada’s urban landscape as are hotels and casinos. “The Entertainment Capital of the World” has a lot to offer; yet cities with so many construction sites can be dangerous for both workers and tourists.

Construction equipment can pose serious hazards of all kinds. If not maintained and used properly, construction machines and materials can injure or kill those working with them or those traveling nearby. Scaffolding can fail, heavy machinery can be misused, or building materials can fall. Due to the heavy weight and load of construction equipment, injuries sustained from these accidents tend to be severe. Negligence and product defectiveness are the most common causes for construction-related injuries. Common construction site accidents include:


Falls are a leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. The failure to provide safety harnesses, fall arrest systems, netting, scaffolds or other safety devices often results in injury or death. Injuries can be caused by:

  • Falls from any height
  • Falls from roofs, ladders, or scaffolding
  • Falls due to unprotected/unmarked openings or holes
  • Falls into elevator shafts
  • Falls through roof, floor, and wall openings or holes
  • Falls due to protruding steel rebar *Falls due to debris, sharp projectiles, or other hazards that may result in injury

Falling Object Injuries

Construction workers face the constant risk of being struck by falling objects on the job site that have been improperly hoisted or secured.

Excavation and Trenching

Excavation and Trenching Pose Potential Harmful Environments
Excavation and Trenching Pose Potential Harmful Environments

Cave-ins during trenching operations are often deadly when workers are buried under tons of collapsing earth. Other dangers present during job site excavations include:

  • Asphyxiation
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes
  • Explosions or electrocution when underground utility lines are struck


Electricity on the job site is a constant danger to construction workers. Being asked to work “live” or failing to tag or lock out circuits often leads to serious injury or even death.

Please see for more information on electrocution injury: Electrical Injuries and Burns

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation rarely provides enough money for all costs associated with a construction accident. Often, workers’ compensation benefits do not even cover all of one’s lost earnings.

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