Tire Malfunction & Tread Separation

Tire Tread Separation or Malfunction Tire Tread separations account for a large number of rollover accidents in Nevada. News has become more prevalent of the recalls of the biggest names in tire manufacturing: Firestone, Continental (General Grabber). Regardless of the reputation of the brand, all tires can fail. Defectively designed tires or mis-manufactured tires kill hundreds of people each year on Nevada roadways. It is imperative to keep the evidence of the tire, the tread (if possible), and the carcass.

The vehicle manufacturer may also have liability, so contact a Nevada attorney at once to preserve all the evidence including the salvaged vehicle. Records of the maintenance and all receipts should be located and kept.

Bio-mechanical experts, tire experts, and accident reconstructionists all play a major role in assembling a solid case against a tire manufacturer. It is important to understand not all cases are worth pursing. Simply having a blowout does not lend itself to a good personal injury case.

Someone must be severely injured before an attorney will get involved in a case; the reason for this is because the cost of such a case must be worth the effort; low personal injury damage is not a viable case.

Common defenses to defective tire cases are road hazards, improper inflation, dry rot, age, speed issues, and low tread. Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, have experience with tire cases and should be contacted immediately.

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