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Fractured-also known as broken-bones are among the most occurring orthopedic issues in the United States, with roughly 6.8 million medical bone cases reported a year. Most common in children under the age of ten or adults over the age of 65, bones have the potential to bend to a certain degree until enough outside force is applied to snap the bone, resulting in a crack to the bone or a complete break.

Aside from the severe pain and restricted movement obtained from the initial break, fractured bones can also lead to a variety of future issues. Post-fracture infections, improper regrowth of the broken bone, or stress on plates and bones surrounding the fracture can persist if the initial fracture is not addressed properly.

At Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have the resources capable to cover a wide range of bone fracture injuries, such as:

  • Hip fractures (commonly a result of falling accidents)
  • Femur fractures (commonly a result of car or motorcycle accidents)
  • Pelvis fractures (commonly a result of T-bone car accidents)
  • Skull/Cranium fractures
  • Hand/Feet fractures (extremities)
  • Knee fractures (commonly a result of car accidents in which knee slams into dashboard)
  • Shoulder/Shoulder Blade fractures
  • Rib cage fractures

When one encounters a broken bone injury, it is a point of concern to discover who or what is liable for the excessive outside force causing the fracture. Furthermore, a broken bone often forces the injured party to wear a cast for several weeks or months, potentially preventing the injured from performing at his or her daily job for an extended time period. Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC is on hand to help you recover medical expenses and possible workers comp in the event of a bone break or fracture – Contact us Today: 702-382-9797.

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