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Nevada Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Nevada Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Nevada Car Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving accidents cause devastation in the lives of innocent victims. Injuries and losses throw day-to-day life into turmoil. Victims ask themselves: What do I do now? How can I pay for these medical bills? Who can I hold accountable for my injuries?

Here, we discuss how hiring the experienced Nevada drunk driving accident injury lawyers at Benson & Bingham can help answer your questions and put your life back on track. We have helped many people just like you and look forward to discussing your case with you.

Drunk Driving: The Sobering Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day, almost 30 people die in the United States in an alcohol-related crash, more than one fatality per hour. In fact, in 2018, about 29 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities involved alcohol. These statistics reflect the sobering reality that despite decades of public awareness campaigns and crackdowns, drunk driving remains a significant threat to Nevadans.

Still, statistics alone cannot convey the true and devastating impact of drunk driving in our state. Victims of drunk drivers—which includes anyone injured in a crash and the families of those who die—endure agonizing physical, emotional, and financial pain. Injuries take months, even years, to heal, some leaving victims with permanent disabilities.

Many crash victims never fully recover from the emotional trauma inflicted by a drunk driver. The costs of addressing these challenges can run into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars per victim. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates the total annual cost to Americans of drunk-driving related accidents at $37 billion.

How Can a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Help

Drunk driving is illegal, and many drunk drivers face stiff criminal penalties for their actions. However, criminal punishment for drunk drivers often provides suffering victims and grieving families small comfort. They still must face the challenges of physical and mental health recovery, and the mountain of expenses involved in getting their lives back on track.

An experienced Nevada drunk driving accident lawyer works to obtain compensation for those innocent victims from anyone who has legal responsibility for the drunk driver’s actions.

Every drunk driving case has its own features, but knowledgeable Nevada attorneys will frequently:

  • Investigate. Experienced lawyers know there is no such thing as an ordinary drunk driving accident. Every crash, and crash victim, has a story to tell that a lawyer needs to understand, in full, to ensure that a client receives maximum compensation under Nevada law. Lawyers will often dig into the details of a drunk driving accident by collecting police reports, interviewing witnesses, reviewing available video or photographic evidence, and even employing forensic experts to reconstruct the crash.
  • Evaluate. Attorneys do not simply gather evidence for evidence’s sake. They put the information they collect to work with two principal goals in mind: (1) identifying all parties who have legal liability under Nevada law for the drunk driver’s conduct; and (2) calculating the full measure of money damages a client deserves as compensation for the injuries and losses inflicted by the drunk driving accident. Experienced lawyers know multiple parties may have legal liability for the drunk driver’s actions, and that it takes careful analysis to capture and calculate all of the harms done by a drunk driver.
  • Plan. Armed with information and analysis, experienced Nevada drunk driving accident lawyers develop a plan for obtaining maximum compensation for a client’s individual situation and needs, and communicate that plan in clear, understandable terms to the client.
  • Execute. Finally, lawyers for Nevada drunk driving accident victims execute on the plan they and their clients have developed. This often includes negotiating with insurance companies and defense attorneys in pursuit of a fair and reasonable settlement of the client’s injury claims, and litigating in Nevada courts to achieve an outcome when a settlement is not in the cards.

Protect Your Rights

The clock begins ticking for Nevada drunk driving accident victims to assert their legal rights to compensation from the moment the crash happens. The sooner victims contact an experienced Nevada drunk driving accident injury lawyer, the better their chances of recovering the maximum compensation they deserve under the law.

In the meantime, those victims and their families can protect their rights by:

  • Seeking medical treatment for any and all injuries caused by the accident, and following medical recommendations for self-care. Not only does getting medical attention protect a person’s health, it also generates important records of treatment that can prove valuable for a lawyer seeking compensation on a client’s behalf.
  • Exercising caution with insurance companies, who may engage in tactics to minimize their financial exposure for the injuries caused by a drunk driver. Never agree to any settlement offered by someone else’s insurance company without first consulting with an experienced Nevada drunk driving accident injury lawyer. A settlement involves giving up valuable legal rights, and requires attention to detail to make sure a victim receives maximum compensation.
  • Staying off of social media, for now. In this day and age, many people share their lives online. Usually, the version of life shared paints a happy or positive picture. Unfortunately, creating that sort of image of your life after suffering injuries in a drunk driving accident can harm your legal rights. Insurance companies and defense lawyers often try to use social media posts against accident victims to dispute the nature or extent of someone’s injuries. Victims and their families should stay off of social media until they have consulted with an experienced Nevada drunk driving accident injury lawyer.

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If a drunk driving accident in Nevada has left you injured or mourning the loss of a loved one, you may have the right to recover substantial compensation, if you act quickly. For a free, confidential, no-obligation case consultation, contact the team of experienced Nevada drunk driving crash injury lawyers at Benson & Bingham, or call us right away at (702) 382-9797. You have nothing to lose from learning about your legal rights, and potentially significant amounts to gain.

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