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Injuries and trauma inflicted upon a child, infant, or adolescent are referred to as pediatric injuries. The leading cause of deaths to children in America is by far and away injury. Nearly 10,000 children die in America each year as a result of serious injuries, most occurring in accidents or crashes, which is greater than all other causes (birth defects, heart disease, or cancer) combined. As a result of motor vehicle accidents or sporting activities, a child is at high risk to injury due to an undeveloped physical frame.

Since the physical, anatomical makeup of a child differs from that of a developed adult, it is imperative that injuries to a child are handled differently than that of an adult. Aside from just physical differences in recovery, children also face a much different recovery when dealing with psychological trauma produced from injuries. If not handled properly and timely, psychological trauma accompanying physical injury may affect a child for years to come.

Las Vegas Pediatric Injury Lawyer

Worker’s compensation is crucial for families when a child sustains an injury, as it provides support for medical bills and other expenses during the recovery process. Parking Garage Accidents is not only familiar with the plethora of incidents leading to childhood injuries, but our firm is highly knowledgeable in specialized rehabilitation and trauma centers available for children throughout the Las Vegas area. In addition, both Joe and Ben have two sons and understand the importance of seeking the best medical care for children; not only are they unable to seek remedies for their injuries, but they are the most important individuals in our lives. In any case, the personal injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC are available to help you or a loved one with your children’s injuries.

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