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Muscle strain and sprains are injuries of much ambiguity. However, before addressing either injury, it’s important to decipher between a strain and a sprain. Below our experienced Las Vegas muscle strain or sprain lawyers have laid out some important information for those struggling with recovery.

  • Sprains: A sprain involves the pulling or tearing of fibrous tissues connecting bones, otherwise known as ligaments. Most often muscle sprains occur in one’s ankles or on one’s foot or hand when landing from a fall.
  • Strains: A strain deals with the stress and pulling to a muscle or tendon, opposed to the stress sprains put on ligaments. Strains not only induced by the pulling of tendons, but also the twisting of tendons, normally occurring in one’s back or hamstrings.

Some common accidents and injuries that cause aches and pains such as a strain or sprain include:

Symptoms of both strains and sprains have a tendency to surface more over the course of a few hours or days, usually after one loses range of motion, whether in the form of shooting pain, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, or extreme swelling. These lingering injuries are often more difficult to cope with as one gets older in age and should be addressed as soon as symptoms arise.

The personal injury attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC understand the extent to which muscle strain and sprains can alter one’s ability to operate in work and home environments, particularly when one’s physical capabilities are of high demand. Negligence in public facilities or venues often acts as the cause of accidents leading to sprains or strains, but no matter the cause, Benson and Bingham is at your disposal.

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