Tailbone or Coccyx Injuries

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Tailbone Injury X-Rays The coccyx, more commonly referred to as the tailbone, resides at the base of one’s spine and is susceptible to a high rate of injury, usually induced by falling accidents in which one lands in the seated position. The tailbone is attached to a fibro cartilaginous joint, called the sacrococcygeal symphysis, that allows for limited movement of the tailbone, increasing the bone’s fragility and likelihood of injury upon falling.

Tailbone injuries in Nevada can occur due to a myraid of circumstances, including workplace accidents, which might involve worker’s compensation claims.

Many risk factors exist increasing one’s chance of coccyx fractures or injuries, such as lack of muscle mass in the spinal region, old age, or poor muscle nutrition. Females especially are at a higher risk of severe coccyx injury due to a broader pelvis region and less muscle support in the spine.

At Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, we fully recognize the pain and difficulty resulting from coccyx injuries. Normal tailbone injuries require x-rays, sometimes lead to short-term hospitalization, and chain injured parties to soft-seated surfaces, prohibiting the injured from working or partaking in one’s daily routine. Our veteran attorneys are experienced in dealing with a wide spectrum of accidents leading to tailbone injuries of all severity levels. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers today at any of our three Las Vegas locations for assistance and/or free consultation in these matters: Downtown, Summerlin and Henderson.

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