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Filing a Lawsuit Against a Big Trucking Company: What To Expect

The Most Common Challenges of Filing an Insurance Claim To a Trucking Company

If you’ve never filed a car accident claim with an insurance company before, you are probably not prepared for a claim against a large trucking company. Most corporations have aggressive lawyers and work with experienced claims adjusters who will work hard to pay out as little as possible, regardless of how seriously you were injured or how negligently the truck driver behaved.

Filing a Lawsuit Against A Big Trucking Company In Las Vegas

You can be sure that the insurance adjusters will use your ignorance and impatience against you. They will take advantage of anything you say in an effort to deny or reduce your compensation. If you delay getting medical treatment or make any seemingly contradictory statements, they will argue that your injuries are not actually very serious.

In order to fight back and obtain the compensation you need after an accident with a truck, you need to get in touch with an experienced Las Vegas truck accident attorney who will protect your rights and provide guidance and representation throughout the claim process. Learn more about some of the most common challenges of filing an insurance claim with a trucking company and how your attorney can help you fight back:

Lack of Communication

Insurance companies are well aware of the difficult situations victims face after a truck accident. This often includes painful and sometimes debilitating injuries, growing medical bills, an uncertain future, oftentimes a totaled vehicle and lack of income. There is a good chance the trucking company’s insurance will use these situations against you. Delaying tactics are very common, which can make you frustrated or impatient, especially if you are facing medical bills that you can’t afford. Not only will delays make you more likely to accept a low-ball settlement offer, but as the case moves closer to the statute of limitations, the more the insurance company will delay, giving you less time to resolve the claim.

Additionally, communication that you do receive from the insurance company can be insincere. They may make up deadlines and ask for medical documents and other statements, which you should not provide without consulting with a lawyer first. Even if the adjuster seems friendly and helpful, and makes offers to pay your medical bills or fix your vehicle, you can’t trust that they will do the right thing. They are just waiting for you to say something that they can use against you to help them deny your claim.

Infographic That Shows What Evidence Can Help You In a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against a Big Trucking Company In Las Vegas

Extremely Low Settlement Offers

Offering a low-battle settlement after an accident is very common. Although the adjuster knows how much your case is worth, they will offer you significantly less. Their goal is not to pay a fair amount, but to pay out as little as possible. People who are unfamiliar with insurance settlements and facing challenging situations after a truck accident should consult with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney before accepting any settlements from an insurance company.

Refusal To Negotiate

If you decide not to accept the insurance company’s low settlement offer, it’s likely that they will refuse to negotiate further, at least for a while. Claims adjusters are carefully trained in the art of negotiation and may try to play hardball, but this is usually a bluff. In many situations, the best response is to call their bluff and let them know you don’t need to negotiate because you can take them to court.

Insurance companies usually do not want to go to court because it’s expensive and time consuming. Showing that you are willing to file a lawsuit proves that you are serious and that it may be in their best interests to negotiate and make a reasonable offer. However, being unreasonable can hurt your claim as much as being naïve. You’ll gain the most successful outcome by working with a truck accident law firm which has experience with these types of cases and can negotiate on your behalf.

Disputing Over Liability

Sometimes, insurance companies won’t offer a settlement at all; instead, they will try to dispute liability for the accident. They may claim that you were actually at fault or that there is insufficient evidence to prove their client’s liability. This is where working with your Las Vegas truck accident attorney to collect good evidence is imperative. This includes accident records, photos of the scene, medical records, background checks, phone records, and more. Your lawyer can use the evidence to support your liability claims in negotiations or in court if necessary.  Timing is of the essence after the accident to ensure evidence is not lost or deleted such as video footage or dash cam data.

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Truck accidents are complicated and overwhelming, especially if you are facing serious injuries. Victims of truck accidents must face powerful corporations with extensive resources and experienced staff. The attorneys at Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers aren’t afraid of trucking companies. We understand how they operate and are ready to act on your behalf to hold them accountable with assertive and meticulous representation. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help you work toward a successful insurance claim.


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