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Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorneys

Growing up in Nevada, Joe Benson & Ben Bingham have watched with amazement as Las Vegas has grown from a cowboy town to the most exciting city in the United States. To support the growth of our city, it is necessary for large courier vehicles such eighteen-wheelers, rigs, diesels, and semi trucks to travel our roadways.

Concrete trucks and other heavy load commercial vehicles travel our overcrowded expressways, interstates and highways by the dozen. Coupled with traffic cones for construction areas these two factors are a recipe for a disaster. Nevada's Joint & Several Liability applied to Truck Drivers means they liable for damages in cases where comparative fault is not raised as an affirmative defense.

When a Diesel crashes into an ordinary vehicle, the results are often life altering injuries and or death. Victims who do survive may require occupational therapy and may experience significant memory loss, become nonambulatory, require in home nurse care, and miss the opportunity to truly enjoy life. Commercial vehicles such as eighteen-wheelers, diesels, construction trucks and essentially all big rigs are required to maintain a minimum one million dollar policy of Insurance.

Common Commercial Trucking Accident Factors

  • Brake problems
  • Traffic flow interruption (congestion, previous crash, failure to yield)
  • Prescription, Over-the-counter or illegal drug use
  • Traveling to fast for conditions (speed, traffic, snow, rain, aggressive driving, tail-gaiting)
  • Unfamiliarity with roadway (reduced speed zones or construction zones)
  • Roadway problems
  • Required stop before crash (disregarding traffic control device, crosswalk)
  • Inadequate surveillance (failing to pay attention, texting or cell phone use, blind spots)
  • Fatigue (tired, overworked truck drivers)

Many law firms will exhaust an eighteen-wheelers one million dollar policy without a comprehensive understanding of how these large policies of insurance for eighteen-wheeler or commercial vehicles unfold. A million dollars may initially sound like a lot of money, but considering the costs of two months at University Medical Center, Emergency Surgeries and in-house nursing care for the remainder of an injured party's life is not enough. A million dollars might get you through two years of medical care thereby leaving your family with outstanding medical bills.

Most eighteen-wheelers will offer the one million dollar policy in hopes that an attorney or law firm will accept the same as exhausting all coverage's. However, this may be FALSE. Many commercial carriers will have an excess policy exceeding one million dollars. To make temptation worse, many firms are unskilled in forcing the eighteen-wheeler companies procedurally to reveal the excess policy and in determining when they have a duty to.

Don't let your chance for just compensation pass you by. Electronic Logging Device (ELD’s) our now mandatory in all commercial buses and trucks and it is critical to preserve this evidence prior to trial. If you or a loved one has been injured concerning any commercial vehicle; eighteen-wheeler, diesel, cement truck, limousine, big rig, construction truck, garbage truck, etc. contact Benson & Bingham. We are well established litigation attorneys who poses the knowledge and first hand experience required to take control of your case and force commercial companies to reveal and exhaust excess policies. Benson & Bingham has collected millions from excess insurance policies. Protect your rights today and call us for a free consultation.

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