Benson & Bingham to File Suit against Rio Hotel for Deceased Victim of Legionnaires’ Disease

Source: Internal Release

The Law firm of Benson & Bingham is underway with preparations in filing a lawsuit against the RIO Hotel & Casino (Ceasars Entertainment) for the wrongful death of a decedent guest who contracted Legionnaires disease. Legionnaires is a potentially fatal disease if not treated promptly and effectively. Unknowing victims can contract the disease by inhaling microscopic water particles which contain legionella bacteria. This bacteria can be linked to a variety of sources such as hot tubs, mist systems, cooling towers in air conditioning systems and water systems in hotels. Those contracting legionella typically have symptoms of headaches, muscle pains, chills and a fever with in 10 days of exposure. Legionnaires typically effects the lungs and if untreated, symptoms can progress and evolve into respiratory failure.

Plaintiff will allege that the Rio was placed on notice by the Southern Nevada Health District of the presence of legionella two weeks prior to Decedents visit. Rio however failed to warn guests of the potentially fatal outbreak and declined to remove guests staying at their property. Decedent contracted the legionella bacteria and quickly developed symptoms shortly after his celebrated wedding anniversary stay at the RIO. His symptoms progressed quickly, leading to his demise within 30 days of his visit at the property. The decedent, an Arizona resident, is survived by his spouse who is bringing the wrongful death action.

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