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What Constitutes a Slip and Fall Accident in Nevada

If you slip and fall in a Nevada casino, hotel or other public or private property, you may be eligible for compensation. However, the details of the case are important. Most slip and fall cases in Nevada involve hazards created by a business, unmarked substances on the floor, foreign substances, etc. Here are some common cases and their viability.


  • Lack of Non-slip Mat Causing Slip after Taking a Shower: This is not a viable case for a few reasons. First, it is obvious that the shower area is going to be slippery, and it is your responsibility to use extra caution when exiting and entering the shower. If you do not see a mat, it is your responsibility to call the front desk and ask if they can provide one. When you enter the shower, you are already taking some degree of risk and the hotel cannot guarantee or control what you are doing in the shower.
  • Slipped getting in and out the bathtub and no guard rails were placed near the tub: The hotel or casino is not liable for this, and people need heed a certain degree of carefulness. The hotel is not required to provide guard rails unless it is a room specified as handicap. If it is a regular room, guard rails are not a necessary feature.
  • Slips caused by water overflowing or leaking from the shower: This case is not viable because the person may not have closed the shower curtains properly or left the door open. The hotel cannot be blamed for this; therefore, they often provide bathmats or extra towels.
  • Slipping On Bathroom Floor because Housekeeping Cleans It Without Your Knowledge: Most hotel guests are aware that housekeeping will clean their room at some point in the day. Caution signs and wet floor signs are only required in larger public areas. If you see the rest of your room is tidied up, your bed is made, and the towels are replaced you should be aware that the floors were probably mopped. However, there are certain times where you should be informed of slippery floors, for instance if they waxed the floor. If you find yourself in this situation it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer in Nevada who may be able to clear up any confusion.
  • Slipping on Wet Marble Floors: Most Casinos and Hotels in Nevada utilize marble floors to heighten the sense of grandeur in the building. But often, people may spill their drink or other slippery substances can get on the floor of the hotel lobby. Often the hotel my argue that they were not aware or did not have enough time to clean up the spill. In this case, the period in which the substance was on the ground is a key part of the case. If the spill was there for a few seconds or minutes, the hotel is not liable, and their responsibility is diminished. However, if there are significant injuries it is likely that your case can still be examined by a qualified injury attorney. This is because when the hotel chose the floors that they did, they may have overlooked safety and may not have considered that millions of guests would be walking around the lobby. In Vegas, for example, many will consume alcohol, walk in heels, be in the rain, etc. This brings up the issue of whether the floors meet foreseeability requirements and if the casino attempted to maximize the safety of their guests. In addition, there may be case history of similar lawsuits submitted for similar grounds which puts the entity on notice. If this is the case, it is best to contact a lawyer to see if you have a viable slip and fall case.
  • Slipping in or Near a Pool: Swimming pools and their surrounding areas pose as a slipping hazard for the mere fact they have a lot of water, with people tracking the water in and out of the pool. Most slips near pools occur around the stairs and near the outdoor bars. The existence of water, oils, and drinks are common and would not make a viable case. The only way a case could be made is if the injured person can show that the pool operators are negligent and something improper regarding the pool itself caused the injury.
  • Spa Slips: Many times, people will have lotion or oil on their feet and body after a massage, causing them to slip. They may also slip when entering or exiting a shower. These cases are often not viable but if you feel otherwise, contact an injury attorney in Nevada. One example of a viable spa case is when you slip in an area where many have slipped previously prior to your incident. This shows that there is a repeated pattern, and no action was taken to prevent further falls from happening.

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