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Las Vegas Legal Representation for Victims of the Mandalay Bay Shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival

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The Law firm of Benson & Bingham is accepting and representing clients that were victims of the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Victims and heirs of this tragedy should call 702-382-9797 for a consultation once medically stable or in a position to make rational decisions. Benson & Bingham will assist in the ongoing medical treatment and financial losses caused by this catastrophic event.

As the FBI and Las Vegas Police Department investigation continues into motive, Benson & Bingham believes the means of the act could and should have been curtailed, and that not enough was done by the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino and its parent company MGM Mirage. The foreseeability of this disaster was only a matter of time; the security MGM had was completely inadequate for the size of the hotel and its operation. It is well known that security personnel are not allowed to carry firearms to protect the hotel guests, nor does it have any viable protections in place to prevent firearms from being used on its premises. There is no screening of bags to prevent dangerous items from being lodged in the hotel, nor active elevator security manned or staffed at the elevator terminals. Benson & Bingham can help, even if you have limited means and can’t afford a lawyer.

Negligence Law in Nevada and Loss of Consortium

In Nevada negligence law, if a person or company’s lack of providing reasonable care and foreseeable harm causes injury to others, victims are entitled to restitution and financial compensation. Tragically, while no monetary compensation will bring back the deceased, in Nevada Law, spouses and/or families of victims may be awarded financial compensation through a loss of consortium claim. Loss of consortium is a legal right in Nevada, and entitles spouses and heirs the ability to recover financial compensation and damages for deceased victim/s, including medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, burial costs and most importantly pain and suffering.

According to the State Bar of Nevada Law on Negligence:

“Proving negligence has three prongs. In other words, the injured person must show that it is more likely than not (i.e. preponderance of the evidence) that:

  • The defendant had a duty to the injured person,
  • The defendant’s act or failure to act was not reasonable and caused the injured person’s injuries, and
  • The injured person suffered some form of injury as to be entitled to damages.”

Benson & Bingham firmly believes that the Mandalay Resort and Casino was complicit in all three prongs. The hotel, while not directly responsible for the mass shooting, was guilty of not exercising reasonable care in relation to the domiciling of the active shooter Stephen Paddock, and enablement of his sinister actions by ignoring multiple warning signs displayed by the gunmen prior to his nefarious actions. Benson & Bingham believe Mandalay Resort and Casino could have prevented the events of Sunday October 1st if any of a myriad of safety precautions had been conducted and enforced prior to the mass shooting.

Out of State Victims or Heirs

Benson & Bingham is accepting outside legal referrals for victims of the mass shooting tragedy at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Benson & Bingham is a premier law firm that has sued MGM and its affiliates many times to protect the rights of injured hotel victims. We fight for justice and safer hotels, and have done this for years. Let our experience in hotel and security law help you overcome what is arguably a preventable tragedy. We are spearheading our own investigation into what was and was not done within the hotel, including its security policies, to protect the public, onlookers, and its guests from foreseeable risks of harm. Victims of this tragedy live all over the United States and Canada including many from California, and neighboring Utah. Victims can call 24 hours a day for advice. We look forward to helping you – contact us today for a free consultation: 702-382-9797.

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