Benson & Bingham to Expand Legal Services to Henderson, Nevada

Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham acquire location in Henderson, Nevada to expand legal services to Henderson, Nevada and southeast Las Vegas. Mr. Benson stated, “Our third location is located right off the 215 freeway at Eastern. This is our first retail location so the visibility is good, as we are right behind the In and Out burger and the proximity to the freeway gives our clients easy access to our firm. It will be fully staffed and decorated much like our Summerlin Office with a clean and modern feel. Henderson accident victims will no longer have to travel to our downtown or summerlin locations as they have this now in their own backyard; and, those who want us to come to them, we can be there quicker.” YESCO has been contracted to manufacture the new sign which will be prominently displayed on the marquee and the building front.

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