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Las Vegas New Years Eve and DUI Accidents

Las Vegas is the place to be if you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve. Sin City is considered the party capital of the world, and brings many people who travel across the country or even internationally to ring in the new year. They fly in or drive in, mostly packed into airplanes or cars and don sparkly, shiny, bright, or slinky outfits to be sure to stand out in the crowd of this special, Southern Nevada event. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department shuts down the Las Vegas strip, so that revelers can wander the streets freely, often roving in large packs of drunk or intoxicated revelers, all looking for a good time and some Las Vegas luck and glamour.  Some might find the spectacle that Clark County puts on to be garish or extreme, while others believe that the kitsch and twinkling lights only add to the charm of the evening. People generally eat, drink, and are merry this time of year, and those activities are only amplified by the marked passage of time for anyone attending New Years Eve fun anywhere in Nevada.

In part due to the celebration atmosphere and the mystical pull of Las Vegas’s consumptive culture, all of the tourists and locals will likely be eating and drinking to excess. And while this act, unto itself, is completely fine and legal, choosing to get behind the wheel of a car and driving under the influence on Las Vegas roads is not. In fact, engaging in a DUI is a crime in Nevada and is punishable by large fines and possible incarceration. Now, combine a night like New Years Eve, where the population of Las Vegas will swell to over twice it’s size, and the expectation of all these party-goers to get drunk or high at one of the state’s many dispensaries, and the night could end up as a time to remember for all the wrong reasons for some of Southern Nevada’s unwitting tourists. In Clark County, there is a high volume of drunk and/ or otherwise intoxicated drivers who make the roads of Clark County unsafe for other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. On a holiday or festival, the prevalence of that danger is much more likely to increase and someone is bound to be hurt or killed by a drunk driver in Southern Nevada. Here’s the deal, if you were out on New Years Eve, or any other night, and you or a loved one was hurt or killed by a drunk driver, you need to find a lawyer who will work for your best interests. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin, or a visitor from somewhere else, the best thing you can possibly do after seeking medical treatment is to find a liscenced attorney and to get a consultation right away.

Benson and Bingham have handled hundreds of cases like the Nevada DUI injury accidents discussed in the previous paragraph, and are ready to take on your case too. As professionals and  community members, they believe that the number of DUIs in Nevada and the Las Vegas community need to decrease, and want to help the victims of these accidents get the compensation they deserve. Reckless and irresponsible driving like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs should have real penalties, and Benson and Bingham will fight for their clients to make sure they receive everything that’s owed to them after being victimized by such a dangerous and destructive act.  Don’t wait until the drunk driver that hurt you is able to do it again, get a good lawyer, like those at Benson and Bingham, and make sure that the person who commits a DUI sees real repercussions for their actions.

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