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Clark County School Bus Accident Had 59 Kids On Board

The first day of school in Southern Nevada and all over the United States can be really trying for parents, for a number of reasons. Often times the first day is a mixed-bag with emotions running high. On the one hand, you’re excited for your child to have progressed this far, as every new year of school marks another milestone in your child’s emotional, social, and educational development. On the other, parents may be sad that their young ones are growing up and may someday become adults who leave the house relinquishing parents to a life with an empty nest. And for every parent, there is a very healthy dose of fear that in classrooms and on school busses, a parent will not be able to keep their child safe from harm while in the hands of teachers, school staff, and other students. Unfortunately for parents of kids who attend the Clark County School District, that fear can be realized because it seems like almost every week there is some mishap regarding the district.

This time around there was an incident that is actually a pretty frequent occurrence for local parents living in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, or any of the other areas that Clark County School District serves. They were alerted, either by social media, the news, the school itself, or their child that something scary took place while their baby was riding home from school. That’s right. Yet another Clark County School District school bus has been involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving on Southern Nevada roads. To add insult to injury, this particular Las Vegas school bus accident had children riding as passengers when the bus crashed. A whole slew of kids, in fact. According to a report by a local news station in the Las Vegas Valley, channel 8, there were just under 60 students on board the moving bus when it was involved in a traffic accident. The car wreck involving the school bus took place Tuesday afternoon, just a few short days ago. The Clark County school bus accident happened right after school got out, at around 3:45 in the afternoon, presumably taking students home after a long day at their respective school. It is unclear from the news report exactly which school the students attend and were riding home from. The report be Las Vegas Now does give a location, however, and parents nervous for their child’s safety could easily deduct which school it may have been by considering the school bus route that travels through their neighborhood. The bus crash took place near the cross streets of East Owens Avenue and North Walnut Road, presumably in a more residential neighborhood. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department sent officers to examine the scene, and upon response established that this Clark County school bus car crash was actually a hit-and-run accident. When reporting on the incident, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department officer told the media that no students were hurt in the event of the accident. From this point on, Clark County School District Transportation Department investigators will be taking over the review of the case.

If your child comes home from a Clark County school and tells you that they were involved in a bus accident, it can be frightening experience for everyone involved. Worse, if your child is riding to or from their school and they are injured in a serious school bus accident, you may have grounds for legal recourse. Schools and school districts are supposed to keep your children safe and out of harms way, and if they fail in that duty and your child is hurt or killed, you could be entitled to compensation for their medical treatment and pain and suffering. Benson and Bingham know how serious it is when a person’s children are involved in a serious auto or bus accident in Las Vegas. If something like the story above happen to you or your children, contact our offices to start working with and experienced and compassionate lawyer. You deserve the very best on your side, and Benson and Bingham have been celebrated as the best in the business for many years by their past and current clients. Don’t let Clark County School District get away with unsafe driving practices when your child is the victim. Contact Benson and Bingham to start moving towards a better outcome after a terrible event, for you and your family.

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