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Motorcyclist Killed in Las Vegas Traffic Accident

In Las Vegas Nevada, there are many motorcyclists on the road every day. The community of enthusiasts in that region have unparalleled numbers, in part to the dry climate and gorgeous weather 9 months out of the year, and in part due to the proximity to route 66. The Southern Nevada region is an ideal place to enjoy a motorcycle, regardless of if it is a Honda or a Harley Davidson, you can still partake in the picturesque views. Some motorcycle enthusiasts like to ride along the scenic road through the captivating red rock canyons, taking in the desert landscape and indulging in the orange, red, yellow, and pink hues that emanate from the sandstone at sunset.  Other motorcycle riders prefer the beauty of more urban environments, so they frequent areas that have the bright lights and big city feel that Las Vegas is known for. Unfortunately, those areas are the places that car crashes and motorcycle accidents in Southern Nevada  happen most. When the hundreds of people riding motorcycles flock to the Las Vegas strip they get more than the scenic glittering buildings, casinos, and resorts; they often end up hurt or killed after getting in a serous motorcycle accident in Las Vegas. There are so many factors that can cause a motorcycle accident on Clark County roadways, most of which that are not the motorcyclists fault. That’s why it’s so important for motorcycle enthusiasts that end up in an accident in Las Vegas, regardless of if they’re locals to the Southern Nevada area or if they’re tourists visiting from other parts of the country, need to find and work with a good attorney who has worked with victims of motorcycle accidents before and are well-versed with the local laws and dealing with insurance companies. If you or someone you care for has been hurt in a motorcycle related crash in Las Vegas, contact Benson and Bingham to get a free consultation and discuss the details of your Southern Nevada injury accident.

The most recent incident of a motorcyclist getting involved in an injury accident with a car in Southern Nevada took place earlier in the week. The person who was involved in this serious motorcycle crash in Clark County wasn’t a local resident of Southern Nevada. No, this person came to visit from another part of the country, and actually happened to be from the state of North Carolina; a visitor to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Metro PoliceDepartment were called to the scene of the motorcycle and car accident on Monday night. The 36 year old man from North Carolina, hailing from the town of Mount Airy, and was riding a 2006 motorcycle, a Harley Davidson to be exact, when he collided with a car. The car, a 2017 Honda Civic, was being driven to a 29- year old male who was local to the Las Vegas region.  The motorcyclist in the accident lost his life in the crash, and was pronounced dead by officials from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department at the scene of the wreck. The driver of the Honda Civic was reported to have suffered injuries related to the car and motorcycle crash. Although the traffic fatality in Las Vegas was a particular type of accident with both vehicles colliding, they do not believe that either the driver or the motorcyclist were impaired at the time of the crash, and have noted that it is unlikely that drugs or alcohol were involved in this Southern Nevada motorcycle death.

Medical expenses for motorcycle injuries can be costly in time and money, and the nuances of such injuries require a keen legal eye. Being seriously injured or hospitalized after an accident on your motorcycle in Las Vegas is a painful experience, but for the individuals that lose a loved one after such an event, these types of tragic events can be life changing. At Benson and Bingham, they understand what a trying time this can be for those who are touched by similar circumstances, and they want to do whatever they can to be of service. If you have experienced an injury motorcycle accident in Las Vegas or any of the surrounding areas, you need the best representation available. Benson and Bingham have been voted the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Southern Nevada, and they will work tirelessly to get your case handled quickly, efficiently, and with the best results possible. As motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, they understand what it’s like to love your Harley and enjoy the open road. They also understand that often in motorcycle crashes, it is rarely the motorcyclist’s fault. Contact Benson and Bingham today to start doing everything you can to represent yourself in the best way.

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