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Southern Nevada Hit and Run Suspect Faces Four Felony Charges

A Las Vegas local in his late 20’s faces serious consequences after causing the deaths of three pedestrian children and the injury of a fourth in a fatal hit and run auto accident last month. The suspect is being covered in the local news again because reports are surfacing that he gave conflicting information to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department when they attempted to investigate the wreck. Due to his reckless driving and fleeing the scene of the crime, this man not only killed three boys and caused a fourth boy to have a broken leg and possibly other injuries, but he is also being held on four felony charges that could land him up to 80 years in prison and could also levy a hefty, $20,000 fine. At Benson and Bingham attorneys at law, we believe that anyone hurt in a pedestrian hit and run accident deserves to be compensated for their injuries and suffering. If someone, like the suspect in the serious traffic transgression and fatality above, hurts you or your family, we’d love to consult you on the best steps to take for your case.

Let’s recount the details of the Clark County hit and run car crash. At 9:07 p.m. on a Friday night in the middle of last September, there were four boys who were reportedly walking on the sidewalk at the intersection of Desert Inn Road and Ocean Crest Street, near Nellis Boulevard. As these pedestrians were continuing on their way, they were struck by a car being driven by the suspect, named Joseph Eskandarian. According to the report that Las Vegas Metro officers gave reporters on the scene, Eskandarian was attempting to pass another car by veering onto the shoulder when he hit the boys. He was driving a 2007 Suzuki Forenza, which was how they identified him. A witness saw the entire Las Vegas hit and run pedestrian fatality and tried to follow Eskandarian when he fled the scene. The boys who the hit and run driver killed were in their early teen years, ages 12, 13, and 14. A fourth boy, who was also hit by the car was 13 years old. The boy who survived the Las Vegas injury auto accident suffered a broken leg, as mentioned above. After the initial car crash, Eskandarian fled the scene on foot. As you may know from reading our other hit and run car crash blog posts, leaving the scene of an accident can have serious consequences. Police found the hit and run driver’s wallet left in the Suzuki Forenza, and was able to identify his name and address from a traffic ticket that was tucked inside. When police visited Eskandarian’s residence, they found him inside. When interrogating him about the traffic fatality caused by his car, Eskandarian first told police officers that his car had been stolen, but that he didn’t report it because “it was not an emergency.” When pressed further, he admitted to causing the accident, saying he had looked down to retrieve something that had fallen under his petals. When the hit and run fatality crash occurred, he said he saw the injured boys and “freaked out” causing him to flee the scene of the injury accident.

Clark County municipality takes hit and run accidents very seriously, and at Benson and Bingham, we do too. The fact that this accident was both a hit and run and a fatal car crash in Southern Nevada, means that it will require serious, seasoned, hard-hitting lawyers who know how to handle the particulars on this specific type of case. Benson and Bingham are those lawyers. They have years of experience and a proven track record of success for hit and run accident victims and their families. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a hit and run injury auto accident in Las Vegas, don’t wait- call Benson and Bingham today.

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