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Benson & Bingham Staff Member Amy Sulanke’s Remarkable Son Corporal Angel Laurente

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The following is a wonderful story from one of Benson & Bingham’s longest tenured staff members. Amy Sulanke is a litigation paralegal at the firm, and the following is a truly special story about her son, Corporal Angel Laurente.

Angel is the oldest of 6 children. During his freshmen year he decided to try wrestling. Angel went on to fight for and earn the Nevada State title during his Junior year. He injured his knee during the post-season and was required to have surgery to repair a meniscus tear. He remained determined, continued his rehabilitation, and came out strong for the beginning of the season during his Senior year. Through much strength and conditioning exercises, Angel battled his way through and won the Nevada State tile for his final year in high school. He graduated in 2014 with an Advanced Honors diploma. Angel had several college offers for wrestling.

In December 2015, Angel made the final decision to join the U.S. Army. He went through boot camp training in Ft. Benning, GA and found his permanent station in Ft. Drum, NY. He immediately adapted to the 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, known for mountain warfare.

Angel discovered the Ranger training and began to discuss his interest with his leadership. He had to complete the Ranger Assessment and Selection, also known as RASP, before being able to go through the actual Rangel training. RASP is an intense 8-week course designed to test a Soldier’s physical and mental strength under extreme conditions. He passed!

In November 2017, Angel traveled back to Ft. Benning, GA and began the Raining training at Camp Rogers. The Army Ranger training is an intense combat leadership course oriented towards small tactical units. It is compiled of three phases: Darby, Mountain, and Swamp. Participants are typically allowed three recycles in each phase, but Angel completed each phase with no recycles. Angel was 1 of 4 graduates to go straight thru the training with no recycles. His training began with approximately 400 Ranger students; however, only 97 Rangers graduated, and we are proud to announce that Angel graduated in January 2018.

Angel has returned to Ft. Drum. He is recuperating before Airborne school in March 2018 and will eventually try out for a Ranger Regiment.

The partners at Benson & Bingham would like to extend our sincere congratulations for the determination and sheer will of Corporal Laurente and the other brave men in all our armed forces.

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