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Motor Vehicle Accident Stats and Clark County Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle accidents are common in Nevada, and across the country. But, how does Nevada rank among other states when it comes to motor vehicle accidents? Additionally, how many of the accidents in Nevada prove to be fatal? Identifying vehicle accident patterns can help improve road safety in the Reno and Las Vegas areas. Some of these statistics may also help explain the recent accidents in Clark County.

Auto Statistics and Preventative Measures

Looking at statistics can be boring and can feel meaningless. However, finding patterns in data can help identify safety problems and can help make Las Vegas and Reno roads safer. To begin, Nevada has an average of 300 fatal vehicle accidents every year. [1] Nevada makes up about 0.9 percent of the United States’ annual fatal crashes and ranks near the middle in number of deaths in comparison to other states. However, when it came to motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, Nevada has a larger number of accidents compared to the rest of the country; in fact, Nevada had the third highest number of these type of accidents in 2018. [2] When looking at the causes of fatal accidents in Nevada, about 140 of the accidents involved a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Around two percent of fatalities in motor vehicle accidents were caused by the victim not wearing a seatbelt. [3] However, Nevada has one of the highest percentages of passengers complying to seatbelt and car seat laws, and a recent study showed that 92 percent of Nevadans observed the use of seatbelt when in a motor vehicle.

A regional breakdown of Nevada motor vehicle accident statistics shows that seventy percent of fatal accidents occur in urban areas while the other thirty percent occurred in rural areas. Of the urban accidents, over fifty percent of them occurred in the Clark County area, specifically Las Vegas. [4]

Nevada Car Accident Law Firm

So how can Las Vegas and Reno residents decrease the number of accidents and make the roads safer? It may not be as hard as one may think. If Nevadans follow these simple tips, they can reduce their chances of being involved in a motor vehicle crash: [5]

  • Watch for red light runners. Count to three before entering an intersection on a green light. Look both ways and be sure no one is trying to speed through a yellow light.
  • Pull into traffic slowly. Stop, Look, Listen. Be aware of blind spots, including those in rear view mirrors and behind windshield pillars or highway road signs.
  • Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel. Reduce in-car distractions such as changing radio stations or CDs, cell phones, eating or momentarily taking a hand off the wheel.
  • Perform engine maintenance regularly. Avoid sudden stalls or other vehicle failure by changing the oil regularly and keeping tires properly inflated.
  • Do not tailgate. Leave a three-second cushion between you and the car in front of you and begin your journey early enough so you don’t speed to make up time
  • Watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians are especially common in certain areas like residential areas, downtown regions, school zones etc. In the Las Vegas and Reno area, be mindful of pedestrians around casinos and bars.
  • Wear a Seatbelt : The CDC states that seatbelts can decrease the chance of death or severe injuries. Remember to wear a seatbelt immediately after entering the car and before starting the vehicle. The driver must also ensure other passengers are wearing their seatbelt. If a child Is present, ensure they are wearing proper restraint or a booster seat or car seat depending on weight.
  • Be courteous to other drivers. No one owns the roads, so treat others with respect

Las Vegas Motor Vehicle Accidents

As we near the end of the month of August, Las Vegas had several accidents, many of which were fatal.

On August 13, three people were killed in a car crash on Las Vegas’s I-15 Highway near the Spaghetti Bowl. The victims were cut off by a pickup truck, resulting in their vehicle to go over the wall. [6] The truck also followed, and the victims’ car was caught under the truck. The wreckage was reportedly engulfed in flames. Nevada Highway Patrol reported that there were three deaths, one of which was a small child. A domestic animal, also traveling in the car, was reportedly killed as well.

Later that day, after this unfortunate event, a Vegas tow truck driver was killed in an accident on the southbound I-15. [7] The driver was traveling at a high speed and was unable to control the vehicle. The driver sustained severe injuries and passed away at the hospital later that day.

Almost a week later, on August 18, a pedestrian was struck in Northeastern Las Vegas. The pedestrian died on the scene. [8] The driver of the vehicle was not under the influence and stopped to aid the victim. This incident, that occurred at night, serves as a good reminder for both drivers and pedestrians to be attentive of the road, especially when vision is limited.

Near the end of this month, on August 26, a four-vehicle crash occurred at West Las Vegas Valley. [9] The multi-vehicle crash occurred in the afternoon and resulted in the death of one. Another driver was injured but is in stable condition. This fatality marked the 62nd traffic related fatality in Las Vegas in 2020.

By examining the recent accidents in the Las Vegas area, and looking at recent motor vehicle accident data, Nevadans can understand patterns and help reduce accidents in the area. Taking extra precautions and being extra cautious can help make the roads in Clark and Washoe County safer as well as reduce fatalities in these regions.











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