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Have You Been Injured In A Las Vegas Uber Crash? Here Are The Steps To Take:

If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident involving an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, you could be entitled to receive compensation. It is important to know what steps to take immediately following the accident and in the days afterward as you begin to pursue a lawsuit. Contact the Las Vegas Uber accident attorneys at Benson & Bingham for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the details of your case and how to proceed. We will make certain you get thorough representation and the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance After The Traffic Accident

The first thing to do after being involved in any vehicle accident is to seek medical assistance immediately. Whether you need emergent care at the scene, or you have no visible injuries at all, it is critical to be medically evaluated by a professional. This will ensure there are no hidden concerns and will provide official documentation of injuries that occurred.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance After An Uber Traffic Accident In Las Vegas
Gather Names And Contact Information Of All Parties Involved
Gather Names And Contact Information Of All Parties Involved

While at the scene of the accident, gathering all the names and contact information of the individuals involved will have a direct impact on the outcome of your lawsuit. You will need names, phone numbers, and insurance information for each party. This information will be used by your Las Vegas rideshare accident lawyer as they collect evidence and details about your case.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene

Be sure to take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene. Take pictures up close of vehicle damages and license plates, and be sure to capture evidence of the entire scene as well. Benson & Bingham will use the photos to establish their stance in the case and negotiate with insurance companies about fault.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene
Report Your Accident To The Police And Uber
Report Your Accident To The Police And Uber

You will need to report your accident to both Uber and the police. Uber carries a mandatory insurance policy covering all victims of accidents that occur while the Uber driver has the app open on their phone, so they need to know of the incident immediately to begin negotiations with your insurance company and your lawyer.

Initiate A Free Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney In Las Vegas

Contact a personal injury law firm near you in Las Vegas right away to discuss the details of the accident and determine if you have a viable case. Benson & Bingham will immediately begin gathering evidence, witness testimonies, photos, insurance information, police reports, and more in order to build a strategic defense that will ensure maximum compensation for your injuries.

Initiate A Free Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney For Uber Accidents In Las Vegas
Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Injuries
Determine a Fair Settlement For Your Injuries

With the help of a skilled Las Vegas accident injury lawyer, a fair settlement will be determined for your injuries, mental state, and emotional trauma. A fair settlement will consider your past and future financial hardships relating to serious injury, which will require evidence of your lost wages, medical expenses, and your affected quality of life.

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Why Hire Our Las Vegas Rideshare Accident Lawyers?

An Award-Winning Firm That Excels In All Types Of Uber Car Accident Claims

With decades of experience representing clients in all types of personal injury and accident cases, Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC can help you understand your legal options after an Uber accident. We have helped hundreds of rideshare accident victims obtain justice and fair settlements. Schedule a free, no-pressure case valuation with our Las Vegas personal injury law firm today!

What Types Of Damages Can I Recover In A Uber Accident Case?

Fight For a Fair Settlement & Get The Maximum Compensation For Your Damages

Current & Future Medical Expenses

Compensatory damages, such as medical expenses, are considered during the settlement decision. You will need to provide proof of all current and future medical expenses relating to your injuries, including doctor bills, prescriptions, and rehabilitation costs. Your lawyer will assist in gathering the appropriate paperwork.

Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering refers to both physical and emotional injuries faced by the victim of an accident. You will need to provide proof of substantial physical pain or mental difficulty you are suffering with after the accident and injury. This also includes counseling and therapy bills.

Lost Wages

A simple calculation is used when determining what compensation you are eligible to receive for lost wages. By submitting your most recent paystub, your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will multiply your hourly wage by the number of work hours you missed due to your injury.

Property Damage

If your vehicle was damaged or totaled in the accident, you could receive compensation for the expenses related to repairs or for a new vehicle. Let our law firm help you file a property damage claim to ensure you receive a fair amount of compensation.

Meet Our Experienced Team Of Lawyers

When you choose Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, to represent your personal injury case, you can trust that we will fight to achieve an optimal outcome for you. We are thoroughly knowledgeable about Nevada laws regarding vehicle accidents and injury, and our legal team carries close relationships with judiciary and medical professionals throughout the state that allow us to provide superior representation for our clients.

Meet All The Team
Meet Our Experienced Team Of Lawyers
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Michael Kim - Pasty Chef
Michael Kim ★★★★★ Pastry Chef

Quote icon I was coming home from work one night a taxi hit me from behind. after the accident I wasn’t sure if I could ever work again. I did a search through the internet for personal injury lawyers, met with Joe Benson; he was very concerned for my health and well-being he really cared making sure I was healthy again.”

I suggest using Benson & Bingham if you’re in need of an injury accident attorney! They have an amazing staff and made the entire process easy and stress free handling my case with compassion and a remedy of great efficacy!

Brandy Eliott ★★★★★

I picked this place and I’m so glad that I did. Ida was very helpful and professional. If I had questions they were answered. I would definitely use them again in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your service I appreciate it.

Charissa Vanblerkom ★★★★★

What I love about Benson & Bingham, especially from my attorney, Lina, I felt informed and cared for my health. She made sure I was ok at all times through my injury. I hate I had the accident, but it was comforting to know I was well taken care of.

Sandra Burke ★★★★★

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Total Settled By Verdicts For Clients

$500,00,000.00 Settlement icon For Rideshare Accident Lawsuit

Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC has recovered over $500 million in damages for personal injury cases. Our Las Vegas accident injury attorneys are dedicated, passionate, and equipped to provide expert representation as you seek compensation for injuries.

Rear-End Taxi Cab Accident

$650,000.00 Rear-End Taxi Cab Accident Lawsuit

The maximum our legal team has recovered for a client injured in a taxi cab accident is $650,000. You can trust that we work diligently to gather all the information and paperwork necessary to achieve the most amount for the damages you are facing.

Taxi Accident Passenger

$335,000.00 Settlement icon For Taxi Accident Passenger Lawsuit

The largest amount a passenger in a taxi accident can be awarded in compensation is $335,000. Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC knows how to make Nevada law work for your case to ensure you receive everything you deserve.

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Being involved in any type of rideshare vehicle accident can be overwhelming as you navigate the aftermath and determine how to move forward. As a five-star Las Vegas ride sharing accident injury law firm, Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC is here to help. We know Nevada law inside and out, and have helped countless clients achieve the compensation they deserve. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Uber’s Insurance Coverage for An Accident In Las Vegas

Under the NTA (Nevada Transportation Authority) and the PUC (Public Utilities Commission), ridesharing companies such as Lyft or Uber are mandated to operate with a minimum of $1.5 million in liability coverage for any injury or death that occurs in the event of an accident. Uber drivers are legally required to carry insurance on their vehicles for personal injury, death, and property damage liability.

Phase 1

The first phase begins when the Uber driver is using their personal car with the app active, waiting for a pickup request from a customer. The driver needs rideshare coverage to extend their personal auto policy to cover their vehicle during this time. While Uber’s insurance is active during Phase 1, it only provides liberty coverage for other vehicles or passengers.

Phase 2

The second phase refers to the time period when an Uber driver has their app active, has accepted a request from a customer, and is on their way to pick up the rider. The driver’s personal policy and rideshare insurance no longer cover this phase; instead, Uber’s insurance coverage begins and extends through to when the rider is dropped off.

Phase 3

The third and final phase begins when the Uber driver’s app is open, they have a rider on board, and they are en route to the rider’s destination. Their personal policy does not cover this phase. Instead, Uber’s insurance policy provides coverage for any personal injury, death, or property damage that may occur. The total amount of coverage varies depending on the geographical location.

Common Causes Of Uber Accidents In Las Vegas


A driver speeding is one of the most common causes in ridesharing accidents, particularly in highly populated areas like Las Vegas. Speeding can lead to reckless driving and injury.

Distracted Driving

Drivers have their phone app active to watch for their next rider can lead to a distracted driving experience. They may also be distracted by the radio or other traffic.

Drunk Driver

If you suspect your Uber driver is under the influence, it is best to end your ride immediately, exit the vehicle, and call 911 right away.

Reckless Driving

Driving with distractions or over the speed limit causes reckless driving and a dangerous situation. Drivers are often in a hurry to pick up as many riders as possible.

Falling Asleep While Driving

Drivers may work long days navigating constant traffic, or late hours if Uber is their second job, making it easy to fall asleep at the wheel.

Aggressive Driving

Many fatal crashes occur because of drivers acting aggressively behind the wheel. They may be overtired, frustrated with traffic, or in a hurry to get to their destination.

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Common Uber Accident Injuries

Neck & Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash occurs when a sudden, intense force strains the neck muscles beyond what they can handle. It can cause chronic pain and neurological symptoms for the injured party.

Severe Head & Brain Injuries

Accidents can cause a traumatic brain injury, concussions, and other severe injuries that have lifelong impact on the victim. Sometimes the effects are life-altering or ending.

Broken & Fractured Bones

The impact of a vehicle accident can cause extensive damage to bones including dislocation, fractures, and breaks. These injuries are painful with a long recovery time.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries cause extensive damage to body functions. Symptoms range from mild to severe, including numbness, intense pain, and paralysis. Many spinal cord injuries have lifelong effects.

Psychological Trauma

The mental and emotional trauma of being in a vehicle accident can be life-altering for the victim. They may need extensive therapy to overcome the fear, panic, and flashbacks.

Serious Internal Injuries

Internal injuries can range from mild to severe, with the kidneys and liver being the most commonly damaged. The impact can cause extensive bleeding, organ rupture, and emergency repair surgery.

Amputated Or Crushed Limbs

Vehicle accidents can cause crushed limbs depending on how the vehicle was impacted. Arms and feet can get caught under seats or out the window, resulting in severe injury.

Soft-Tissue Injuries

Torn or strained muscles are the most commonly seen soft tissue injuries from vehicle accidents. They cause tenderness, bruising, inflammation, and limited range of motion.

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