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Las Vegas Grand Prix Schedule Released, Road Closures to be Expected

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to begin later this year between November 16th and 18th. The Grand Prix is part of the Formula One World Championship 2023, and the track will be on the iconic Vegas Strip— F1’s first return to the city since the early 1980s. The event will bring some of the biggest names in the sport like Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonzo to Southern Nevada, as well as media attention, thousands of fans, brands, celebrities, with more than one-hundred thousand fans expected at the race each day. [1]

Along with the glitz and glamour that is set to come down to Las Vegas, there will also be road closures, as well as heavy traffic that can impact the travel plans of locals. The track for the race will be active from 6 pm on November 16 for qualifying rounds, until 1 am on November 17th. On November 17th and 18th, roads will be fully closed by 7pm and are set to reopen at 2 am around the resort corridor area. Joslyn Garcia, the spokeswomen for the Las Vegas Grand Prix stated that while full closures begin at 7pm, drivers can expect additional closures earlier in the day to allow for possible maintenance, as well as practice rounds.

In addition to road closures during the event, residents can also expect lane closures and construction weeks prior to the event to install barriers to line the track. The barrier installation will not result in long-term road closures but will be rolling and create single lane closures.  The following roads will be impacted due to race-related events/construction:

  • Sands Avenue between Las Vegas Boulevard and Howard Hughes Parkway
  • Flamingo Road eastbound between Via del Nord and Line Lane
  • Las Vegas Boulevard Southbound between Aria Place and Genting Boulevard
  • Spring Mountain Road between Las Vegas Boulevard and Mel Torme Way
  • Harmon Avenue between Las Vegas Boulevard and Lamar Circle
  • Koval Lane between Sands and Tompkins Avenue

Regional Transportation Commission’s Angela Castro stated that the event’s impact on the southern region’s bus services is still uncertain, and as the event approaches, more information regarding closures, bus routes, detours, etc. will be released to the community. [2]

Construction of Temporary Bridges

In addition to lane closure and road closures leading up to the event, Las Vegas residents can also expect to see the construction of three temporary bridges in and around the Strip which will allow for emergency vehicle access, as well as safer walkway for pedestrians during the event. These bridges will only be accessible to those staying at nearby hotels or ticketholders during the race time but will be open to all traffic during other times. These bridges will begin construction in late September and will be dismantled a couple weeks after the event ends.

The largest bridge, the Flamingo bridge, will be 750 ft and run east-west, with two lanes in each direction. Those with tickets will be able to view the event from sidewalks on the bridge as well as on the Strip. In addition, the pedestrian bridges along Las Vegas Boulevard will be open to those walking from their hotel to different parts of the event, however the glasses will be covered so the event cannot be viewed from them.  Las Vegas Police and security for the event will monitor the areas to ensure pedestrian safety, as well as to ensure that crowding does not occur along the constructed barriers, which could be a potential safety hazard. [3]

Because the Las Vegas Grand Prix is being called the first “walking F1 race”, since most fans will be walking throughout the Strip and from resorts along the Strip, pedestrian safety is of the upmost importance. If you are planning on spectating at this event, it is important to keep the following safety tips in mind as a pedestrian:

  • Obey posted rules on the road, as well as the barriers in place for your safety. In addition, be aware that additional signage may be posted in the area since this is a special event.
  • Walk on sidewalks and pedestrian bridges whenever they are available. If none are available, walk facing the traffic, and as far away from it as possible.
  • There will likely be many emergency vehicles, media personnel, etc. entering and exiting the event, so be aware of vehicles entering and exiting the event.
  • Alcohol can impair your judgement not just behind the wheel, but when you are a pedestrian. Drink responsibly.
  • Utilize crosswalks and intersections, and if one is not available cross at a well-lit area and ensure there is no traffic, as well as no one turning into the intersection. [4]





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