Snowboarding Accident in Southern Nevada Kills 1

January 17, 2014


Though lesser known, Las Vegas has skiing and snowboarding basically as nearby as Lake Tahoe is from Reno. Though slightly less glamorous than stunning natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, Mt Charleston Ski and Snowboard Resort does offer plenty of snow sliding fun. Unfortunately, it also has its share of injury or even deadly accidents on this Southern Nevada mountain. We got a terrible reminder of this just the day before yesterday. We don’t know all of the details yet; so far public safety and public information officers have not been able to share what other details, if any, they know. The little that we hear is that the young man, said to be a 20 year old snowboarder, was alive when first responders – ski patrol, in this case – arrived, and they began immediate treatment. Then volunteer firefighters and personnel from Forestry took over until the man could air lifted to UMC in Las Vegas. After several hours of attempted treatment later, the young man died from snowboarding injuries in Nevada.

Deaths and Injuries at a ski resort can be of all different types. Skiing and snowboarding is inherently dangerous, and very few people are silly enough to go out believing they can’t get hurt as a normal and non-fault part of the bargain you get to enjoy the mountain. There are instances, however, where injuries can in fact be the gross negligence of another party. These are big, multi-faceted and level operations, and a premises liability in a Nevada resort is no different whether that be a casino resort and spa or a ski chalet or Lake Tahoe resort property. On the slopes themselves, if you’re the victim of a grossly negligent skiing accident, in Southern or Northern Nevada, the other party could be at fault. If they were grossly out of control, perhaps had been warned by ski patrol about their speed, or practicing a different type of drunk driving in Nevada, they or their insurance company could very well be responsible for damages associated with your injury, and be required to pay for your recovery and healing.

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