Benson & Bingham to Investigate Real Water Injury Claims

Source: Internal Release

Henderson, Nevada based “Real Water” which has come under scrutiny for its bottled and delivered water claiming high alkalinity and negative ion treatment is being investigated by the law firm of Benson & Bingham. Numerous consumers have begun to experience severe liver issues with the underlying commonality being they had all been consuming Real Water, an alkalized water product carried nationwide.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USDA) has launched a probe investigating the company as more and more consumers are stepping forward with accusations that they were sickened from drinking Real Water.  The brand is owned by Affinity, Inc, a Nevada corporation headquartered in Las Vegas.  The president of Affinity, Brent Jones, released a statement to recall all Real Water products throughout the United States on March 17th.  At least a dozen consumers have stepped forward complaining about a variety of ailments from drinking the water from nausea, vomiting and stomach pain to severe liver issues.  Currently, the Real Water website is down for maintenance with a link to a You Tube video apologizing to any consumers affected from drinking the product.

One such consumer contacted the Law Firm of Benson & Bingham having been ill enough to be transferred from UMC to a hospital in San Bernardino.  The man went as far as submitting paperwork to get a liver transplant, but after four days of hospitalization his condition improved enough that they called off the operation.

“Our first client’s symptoms were a mystery to him.  He was on the waiting list for a liver transplant, and fortunately his liver recovered such that a transplant was not necessary; many others were not so lucky,” said Mr. Joseph L. Benson II, Esq.

The product was carried by many national retailers including Whole Foods, Costco and Sprouts as well as delivered directly to households throughout Nevada.  If you or a loved one has suffered from unexplained liver sickness and consumed Real Water purchased from these retailers or directly from Affinity, contact the Law Offices of Benson & Bingham at 702-382-9797 for a free consultation.

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