Benson & Bingham Performs Focus Groups for Upcoming Federal Court Trial

Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham performed focus groups for their upcoming Federal Court Trial this week. Focus groups are where random people are chosen to comment on facts of a case that you present, so as to glean any insight on how a real jury would react to the facts of the case. The case Benson & Bingham are litigating involves a wrongful death action due to a faulty car seat The firm sought opinions on what they think happened given the evidence presented.

Mr. Benson stated:

“We were impressed by the initial testing of the case facts with different sets of people which were a fair slice of the local population. These are invaluable tools to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your case facts. We look at these people just like jurors where we test both principles of liability and damages. The more we do, the more we understand how to present the case at trial.”

Benson & Bingham goes to great lengths to prepare for jury trials to ensure our clients are represented to the highest standards of the law. The firm takes every possible fact scenario into account when preparing for trial, in order to litigate the case in the best interests of the client. In this case, while the deceased can not be brought back, the victim’s family can seek solace in knowing the accused was held accountable for their actions.

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