Benson & Bingham Matches Highest Corporate Donation at Marine Riders of Las Vegas Toys 4 Tots Event

Source: Internal

The Marine Riders of Las Vegas held a Toys 4 Tots event last week at the Leatherneck Club of Las Vegas. Benson & Bingham attended the event that benefited Toys 4 Tots, a charity event the Marine Riders hold in support of disadvantaged children in the Las Vegas Valley.

Benson & Bingham matched the highest corporate donation in the amount of $1,500 during the event in support of the Marine Riders cause, and are privileged to have had the opportunity to help those less fortunate – especially children – in our community.

In line with the Marine Riders of Las Vegas, a local motorcycle club comprised of military veterans, mission statement:

“The purpose of the Marine Riders of Las Vegas is to bring together a group of people from a like background of Military Service who enjoys similar philosophies and riding styles with a focus on community service and spirit. Marine Riders of Las Vegas will focus on giving to those in need through charity events and community service activities while promoting a positive self image.”

Benson & Bingham is a Las Vegas personal injury and accident law firm committed to helping injured victims recover compensation for injuries or damages as a result of another party’s negligence or wrongful actions. The staff and attorneys at Benson & Bingham are committed to Las Vegas, and are happy to help contribute to such worthy causes that the Marine Riders support, including the most noble of causes of bringing a smile to a child’s eyes. Please contact our law firm if you or another organization is looking for support that Benson & Bingham can be of assistance in the community as our law firm is always looking to contribute to those in need.

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