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Nevada Day and Halloween: What You Need to Know and How to Keep Yourself Safe

For many people across the country, October 31st marks Halloween, an exciting day where one can dress up, get candy, and unleash their inner child. However, in Nevada October 31 signifies another very important day— Its birth. While Covid-19 might have changed the way we celebrate, these holidays can be celebrated safely. Here are some ways to make the most of the Nevada Day and Halloween holidays by staying safe and healthy.

Nevada Day

While Nevada schools and certain businesses celebrate Nevada Day on October 30, Nevada in fact became part of the United States on October 31, 1864 [1]. Nevada is a “”Battle Born” state, and it was accepted as part of the Union during the Civil War. Arguably, the actual battle was rather political—By adding Nevada to the Union shortly before the election, Lincoln was able to secure himself with the necessary votes to be re-elected. [2]

Electoral votes are not the only reason Nevada is a valuable State. It is a state rich in resources like gold and silver, creating a booming industries, and supplying booming industries all over the country. Just recently, Nevada’s lithium mines attracted companies such as Tesla and Apple to the state. [3] Nevada is also home to test sites for the military’s atomic weapons.

While Nevada’s annual parades have been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once can still commemorate this holiday in many ways. Here are some ways to celebrate safely:

  • Enjoy the nature that Nevada has to offer by taking a hike around Red Rocks in Summerlin, Lake Tahoe, or enjoying a hike near Mount Rose. (If the Weather Permits)
  • Explore or research Nevada Landmarks and learn more about them.
  • Try Basque food—You can safely support local Basque restaurants by getting take-out or curbside pickup.
  • Watch the Nevada Wolfpack play the UNLV Rebels for the Fremont Cannon at the brand new Allegiant Stadium. [4]

Staying Safe During Halloween

Halloween can be a fun and exciting for many, but there are many risks for injury. While discussing Halloween safety, most people discuss the safety of the candy, however the topic of pedestrian safety is neglected. Pedestrian safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to Halloween. More than fifty million children go trick-or-treating every year. Of those children, only three-fifths were equipped with a flashlight, [6]  almost two-thirds of children went trick-or-treating without an adult present, and almost one-third of those children did not know of proper Halloween safety protocols.

However, Halloween safety does not only entail children. Most parties that adults attend has the presences of alcohol, thus increasing the number of drivers under the influence on the road, and the number of DUI related accidents. This poses as a double danger for children: Not only are they ill equipped in the dark, but they are also in danger of being involved in a pedestrian accident at the hands of someone driving under the influence.

If you are trick-or-treating it is important to wear bright colors so that drivers can see you at night. If this does not fit with your costume, you can always add reflectors to it to make one easily visible. It is always smart to carry a flashlight, and always use the sidewalk, and if crossing the street utilize the crosswalks. Parent supervision is always suggested, however if this is not possible, ensure that children visit each house in groups, and have some way of contacting an adult. If you are an adult attending a Halloween party, it is important to be mindful of the road, and being courteous to pedestrians. If you know you will drink at the party, choose a designated driver, or take a taxi or Uber home. Most importantly, no matter if you are a child or adult, it is important that you plan out your night and make smart decisions to keep yourself safe and healthy during this Halloween.

The CDC has also put out a set of precautions to take to make Halloween safer. They suggest that one include a cloth mask as part of their costumes. Additionally, they suggest that trick-or-treaters stay six feet apart from the person handing out candy, and recommends to leave out of a bowl of candy, rather than hand it directly to the people. It is recommended not to wear a Halloween mask over a cloth mask, as it will make breathing difficult. Lastly, try washing hands as often as you can, and carry around hand sanitizer with at least sixty percent alcohol.

Whether you are celebrating Halloween at home this year, or choosing to go out, it is important that you stay mindful of the current pandemic, as well as general safety precautions that should be taken when celebrating. If you are on the road, be mindful of suspicious or dangerous driving, and make smart decisions. Let’s keep Nevadans safe and healthy on October 31st!







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