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Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Experienced Bike Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Along with the dry climate, Las Vegas breeds Harley Davidson enthusiasts and Motorcycle fans of all ages. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to many factors, most of which are not the cyclist's fault.

Many of the motorcycle cases seen by Benson & Bingham arise from vehicles pulling in front of the motorcycle, vehicles tailgating or crowding a motorcycle, or vehicles not being able to see the cyclist. The consequences of an accident can be fatal and often cause severe road rash. The pain endured by a motorcyclist at the emergency room while doctors take a wire brush to scrape and remove rocks, pebbles and debris is unfathomable. Unfortunately, heavy scaring or plastic surgery and extensive physical therapy often follow.

Products are sometimes designed defectively, or perform in a manner inconsistent with the original manufacturer. More often than not, the dealership has some liability for the distribution of the machine, and often they assemble the bikes leading to more liability exposure.

Faulty handlebars, bad welds, loose nuts, and low maintenance make for tragic accidents. From Mount Charleston to Red Rock Canyon, the paved terrain is a haven for bikers and bad equipment is a cause for many lawsuits.

Tenets of Motorcycle Accident Law in Nevada

As riders of both street and dirt bikes, Attorneys Ben Bingham and Joseph Benson respect and understand the obstacles often presented to motorcycle operators. Most riders take extreme precaution, as the risk associated with motorcycles is well understood. Since motorcycles allow good maneuverability, often times the fault is due to another motorist's lack of attention or outright negligence, including DUI and DWI motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured while operating a motorcycle, contact Benson & Bingham. We can provide the legal expertise and assistance needed to ensure your medical bills are paid and you receive deserved compensation for your pain and suffering from the cycling injury.

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