Slip and Fall Perhaps Caused Las Vegas Judge’s Injuries

January 11, 2014


The hospitalization of Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Eric Goodman may not have been the fear inducing attack some initially thought right after it happened, and may have been as simple as a slip and fall injury in Las Vegas, according to recent news reports. The judge, and son of the current and most recent former Las Vegas mayors was found nearly unresponsive and not at all lucid about three weeks ago, on the fifteenth of December. Someone passing by discovered him in this state in a city park bathroom and called the police and an ambulance, which brought the judge from the South Tower Park over to University Medical Center for treatment of his substantial and severe head injuries in this Las Vegas personal injury accident.

Many people initially believed the judge had been attacked or struck in some way, but this appears to not have been the case. According to Lt. Clint Nichols, speaking for the Las Vegas Metro Police in this incident, they do not have cause to believe that there was an attack of any kind. They postulate that perhaps a medical episode may have been the cause. It could also have been a Southern Nevada slip and fall accident, we may not know for some time. Judge Goodman still cannot recall what happened in the accident, which is not uncommon for a serious head injury. Evidence at the scene suggests that he may have fallen more than once, and vomited in between. Vomiting can be a clear indication of a concussion or other serious head injury.

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