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Airbag Failure: Can You Sue Your Car Manufacturer In Nevada?

What Legal Steps Can You Take In Nevada When Airbags Fail To Deploy?

Deployed airbag inside a car, representing a case for a Las Vegas car accident attorney When you step into a vehicle, you trust that every component, especially safety features like airbags, is designed to protect you in the event of an accident. But what happens when these critical safety features fail? In Nevada, where road safety is a critical concern, airbag failure can result in severe injuries and raise important legal questions. This is where the expertise of a Nevada personal injury lawyer becomes invaluable. Can a car manufacturer be held accountable for airbag failure?

We will delve into the intricate landscape of automotive safety liabilities in Nevada. We explore the critical aspects of suing a car manufacturer for airbag failure in the Silver State. Understanding your rights and the legal pathways available is essential, especially in cases where manufacturer negligence might have compromised your safety on the road. Join us as we navigate the complexities of these claims and what they could mean for drivers and passengers in Nevada.

Airbag Functionality & Safety Measures

Airbags are designed to reduce injuries during significant frontal or near-frontal collisions. Understanding how airbags work and the safety measures involved is essential. However, when these systems fail, the consequences can be dire. This situation often necessitates the intervention of a Las Vegas car accident attorney, who can navigate the complexities of such a case.

This activation initiates a rapid chemical reaction, producing a gas that inflates the frontal airbags in less than 1/20th of a second, with side-impact airbags deploying even faster. Due to this swift expansion, there is a risk of injury if occupants are seated too close to the airbag.

To mitigate this risk, car manufacturers recommend maintaining a safe distance from the steering wheel or dashboard and always using seat belts. Additionally, it is advised that young children and infant seats should never be positioned in front of an airbag. Shorter drivers, particularly those 4’6″ or under, who must sit closer to the steering wheel, are often advised to deactivate their airbags for safety reasons.

Infographic highlighting why your airbag could fail to work

Why Did Your Airbag Fail To Work?

Determining why an airbag failed to deploy during an accident is critical for your legal case in Nevada. If it’s established that the accident conditions should have triggered the airbag and its failure led to injuries, you might have grounds for a lawsuit, subject to a lawyer’s assessment. Key reasons for non-deployment of airbags include:

  • Interior of a car showing deployed airbags, indicative of a case for a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Nature of the Collision: The specifics of the crash often shed light on why an airbag didn’t deploy. Certain types of impacts, like those in rollovers, might not activate the sensors, preventing the front airbags from deploying.
  • Faulty Airbag Sensors: If the collision was of a nature that should have activated the airbag but didn’t, the sensors could be at fault. Issues can arise from improper installation, design, or testing by the manufacturer, or from inadequate calibration, or an insufficient number of sensors to detect the impact.
  • Electrical System Issues: Various electrical problems can prevent airbag deployment. These could stem from flawed design or placement of electrical components, which might hinder sensor communication or cause system malfunctions. Additionally, suboptimal wiring routes can lead to wire damage in an accident, disrupting the system.
  • Airbag Module Defects: The airbag module, the system’s central component, needs to function flawlessly for deployment. Any defect in design or manufacturing can impair its operation, affecting multiple interconnected systems within the module.

How Do You Prove Liability After Airbags Do Not Deploy During a Crash?

Proving liability in instances where airbags fail to deploy during a car crash, especially when injuries are involved, requires establishing several key elements. This is a task where car accident injury attorneys in Las Vegas often provide indispensable expertise. To build a strong case in Nevada, it’s necessary to demonstrate that:

  • The airbags were expected to deploy in the type of accident you experienced.
  • Your injuries were directly caused or exacerbated by the airbag’s failure to deploy.
  • You incurred damages, whether they be financial, physical, or emotional, due to this failure.

In establishing liability for an airbag failure in a vehicle, expert testimony often plays a crucial role. These experts can provide insight into the accident’s dynamics and the reasons behind the airbag malfunction, as well as the extent of your injuries. Such professionals might include:

  • Medical doctors to document and explain the nature of your injuries.
  • Accident reconstruction specialists to analyze and recreate the crash scenario.
  • Engineers and product designers evaluate the airbag system and pinpoint defects or design flaws.

Consulting With a Nevada Car Accident Attorney On Airbag Deployment Failures

Airbags are integral for mitigating the impact of a collision, but when they fail to deploy, the consequences can be severe, potentially exacerbating injuries sustained in the crash. In Nevada, if this failure is attributed to a defect, you might be entitled to pursue legal action against the vehicle manufacturer and other parties who may be responsible.

At Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC, we understand the complexities and challenges of such cases. Our team is dedicated to easing your burden by handling all legal aspects, from managing paperwork and meeting case deadlines to gathering evidence and communicating with involved parties. We’re committed to advocating on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your medical recovery and personal restoration. Contact our office for a complimentary consultation and let us help guide you through the legal process.


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