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Ford Rollover Accidents

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Benson & Bingham has actively chosen to represent Ford Rollover victims due to the safety issues ignored by the car company. Ford Explorer rollovers and rollover safety concerns have been in the public spotlight almost daily since 2000 when the Ford Explorer and Firestone tire tread separation roll over accident problem was publicized.

Hundreds of deaths in the U.S. have been blamed on a faulty design that creates an instability in the Ford Explorers. From Mexico to Maine, this design problem has resulted in many drivers unable to control the vehicle in emergency situations, especially after a tire blowout or sudden deflation from a tire tread separated resulting in a rollovers. The Ford Explorer was marketed as a safe passenger friendly replacement to the Ford Bronco II, the former rollover king.

But apparently Ford's engineers didn't design the rollover out of their new SUV. The Ford Explorer has been rolling over and killing occupants since the first months it was sold. Even today, more Ford Explorers are rolling over at alarming rates, even after the Ford Firestone recall and replacement of the Firestone tires. Explorer rollover rates rank higher than any of it's current competitors. A recent rollover study analysis of national and Florida crash statistics, the Ford Explorer, even when fitted with tires other than Firestone, has a higher rate of tire-related accidents than other sport utility vehicles. While Firestone turned out millions of sub-standard and potentially defective tires, and was the initial cause of loss of control many Ford Explorer Firestone tire tread separation rollovers, the blame has shifted toward the FORD corporation for its defectively designed and unstable vehicles.

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