Heirs of Pedestrian Killed in Las Vegas Crosswalk Retain Benson & Bingham to Sue Commercial Van Company

Source: Internal Release

The natural Heirs of an elderly pedestrian hit by commercial van in a marked crosswalk have hired Joseph L. Benson II, Esq. to represent them and the deceased’s Estate against the driver and Van owner. The incident brings more attention to the fact that Las Vegas is on pace for the most deadly year of car accidents ever. As the pedestrian left her parked car she was run over sustaining neck injuries that eventually took her life. The Van was backing up to a loading dock. The investigation is ongoing. This is the second wrongful death case for Mr. Benson just this year. Joseph L. Benson, II, Esq. noted:

“We are really concerned with the lack of real attention drivers have in the Valley. These victims are people, not statistics, and it appears that our lives are more complicated then ever causing more distracted driving, more accidents, and more preventable fatalities.”

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