Commercial Truck Accident in Las Vegas Causes Injuries

February 04, 2014


A car and commercial truck accident in Las Vegas ruined some commuters’ days yesterday afternoon, but hopefully at least appears currently to have not ended anyone’s life. This is somewhat rare for a highways accident, in this case Interstate 15, involving a commercial truck like a semitrailer, 18 wheeler, cement or garbage truck. These trucks carry so much weight that even at low speeds they create terrible amounts of momentum that can crush a car or regular passenger truck and gravely injure or even kill people in those vehicles. Fortunately, this car and semitrailer truck accident in Southern Nevada only appears, at least from early reports, to have caused minor injuries. It wasn’t clear, even, from Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jeremie Elliot, whether or not anyone had to be taken to the hospital. If you’re in a vehicle accident in Las Vegas like this, be safe, go to the hospital. Some injuries take time to manifest, and some can be much more serious than they initially appear. Better to be safe than sorry. You should also call an experienced Clark County accident attorney like Benson & Bingham for a no cost consultation to learn your legal rights.

Cases involving eighteen-wheelers, rigs, diesels, and semi trucks can be devastating. Even if the driver is not driving drunk in Southern Nevada or otherwise grossly breaking the law, they can still be at fault and cause serious damage nonetheless. As we are a busy hub for interstate commerce, and a lot of trucks travel our roads and especially highways. We here at Benson & Bingham know the law surrounding these types of accidents, and we know you should never take the company’s initial offer up front. Truckers are almost all required to carry one million dollar policies, and will often offer the entire sum up front to make the case go away if the injuries are bad enough. Though that may sound like a lot of money, our experienced commercial truck accident lawyers at Benson & Bingham know how much it doesn’t cover. If you’re badly injured and need occupational therapy or a long hospital stay, you could exhaust the entirety of that very quickly, and get no compensation for other loss of income, longer term medical care, or loss of quality of life. We know how to discover if the company has additional coverage, as many companies do, and if you are entitled to full compensation. Contact Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law today to learn your legal rights in a free consultation with our top injury attorneys in Las Vegas.

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