Should Mega Hotels have Mega Security?

When a major casino is built, much concern is emphasized on the loss prevention of the casino. The famous “eye in the sky” keeps the public informed that eyes are watching from the casino floor for card counting, cheats, and to prevent theft- theft primarily from its own employees. Also, much attention is given to the design details of where the casino cage is placed—usually in the center of the casino away from exits to discourage robberies.

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In today’s society, with the fear of terrorism, casino hotels can no longer do security the old way. New threats now confront the industry. What was inconceivable before is no longer inconceivable. Hotels must prepare for the worst case scenario and spend a significant amount of money on security and terror prevention. While certain determined criminals may create a new way to terrorize hotel guests, much can be done to limit the damage. Advances in technology and advances in the way people think about security must be paramount. A vulnerable hotel is a major target. These properties have nearly 20,000 people per day that walk in and out of the casino entrances.

Hotels need to rethink the notion of having a full-fledged security response team. This no longer means having high school graduate security guards that are paid $14 an hour to roam the casino floor. It means having a tactical force ready, armed, and staffed on the premises to confront a hotel shooter. It means that hotels must have state of the art detection equipment for bomb devices, with a watchful continuous monitoring system within the hotel. Metal detectors, both walk through and personal wands need to be implemented. Canine patrols who can sniff out bomb materials in the parking garages on regular sweeps. If you can imagine it, it probably needs to be in place. I’m referring to mega security. Mega hotels need mega security. Its imperative. The hotel cannot say after an event, “we could have done more.” Contact Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC for your mega security concerns.

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