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2015 News and Events

Benson & Bingham Matches Highest Corporate Donation at Marine Riders of Las Vegas Toys 4 Tots Event

November 13, 2015
Source: Internal

The Marine Riders of Las Vegas held a Toys 4 Tots event last week at the Leatherneck Club of Las Vegas. Benson & Bingham attended the event that benefited Toys 4 Tots, a charity event the Marine Riders hold in support of disadvantaged children in the Las Vegas Valley.

Benson & Bingham matched the highest corporate donation in the amount of $1,500 during the event in support of the Marine Riders cause, and are privileged to have had the opportunity to help those less fortunate - especially children - in our community.

In line with the Marine Riders of Las Vegas, a local motorcycle club comprised of military veterans, mission statement:

"The purpose of the Marine Riders of Las Vegas is to bring together a group of people from a like background of Military Service who enjoys similar philosophies and riding styles with a focus on community service and spirit. Marine Riders of Las Vegas will focus on giving to those in need through charity events and community service activities while promoting a positive self image."


Benson & Bingham is a Las Vegas personal injury and accident law firm committed to helping injured victims recover compensation for injuries or damages as a result of another party's negligence or wrongful actions. The staff and attorneys at Benson & Bingham are committed to Las Vegas, and are happy to help contribute to such worthy causes that the Marine Riders support, including the most noble of causes of bringing a smile to a child's eyes. Please contact our law firm if you or another organization is looking for support that Benson & Bingham can be of assistance in the community as our law firm is always looking to contribute to those in need.


Benson & Bingham to Offer Uber Service for Potential and Current Clients Unable to Drive

October 08, 2015
Source: Internal

In keeping with the times and abreast with the latest technology, Benson & Bingham today announced they would service potential and current clients via Uber to and from their injury offices or for treatment at a nearby practitioner.

Uber was finally authorized to operate in the State of Nevada after of an arduous and protracted session in the Nevada Legislature, but as of July 1, 2015 the company was authorized to operate service in the State. Now, over three months later, the service is becoming a reality for passengers without cars or too drunk to drive to now ride with a service other then a taxi or risk the roadways intoxicated.

Benson & Bingham has always liked to keep in touch with the latest in technology, including using the latest digital intake processing and case management software. Now that Uber is in Las Vegas, Benson & Bingham have signed up with an account, allowing them to pay for clients so they may seek the best care available. In the past, many clients were without a car due to a recent accident or unable to drive due to their injuries - no more. Benson & Bingham believed it imperative for their clients to obtain the best care needed and did not want transportation to be a hindrance.

Managing partner Joseph L. Benson said it best:

"Before Uber, we would often send our runner to help clients to and from their hospital or chiropractic treatment. In reality, sending a staff member to coordinate with a client often proved time prohibitive and sometimes inconvenient for both parties. Now that Uber can operate in Nevada, the firm intends to use their convenient application for all our clients unable to travel to their provider or potential clients unable to make it to our office.

Of course, Benson & Bingham believe in the personal touch, and are still available to visit victims at their hospital, residence or other facility in the event coming to one of our offices proves difficult."

Benson & Bingham is a Las Vegas, NV law firm with three offices in the Las Vegas Valley: Downtown, Summerlin and Henderson, Nevada. If you or a loved one is in need of compassionate yet aggressive personal injury or accident legal services, contact the "Difference" - Benson & Bingham.

Benson & Bingham Settles Motor Vehicle Accident Claim for Commercial Policy Limits

June 15, 2015
Source: Internal Release

We are please to announce a (7) Seven Figure Settlement on behalf of a most deserving client. This personal injury action arose from a motor vehicle accident occurring in September of 2013. Plaintiff, who was seat belted, was traveling southbound on Jones Blvd. when he reduced his speed for traffic immediately ahead that was also slowing down. Prior to completing his stop, Plaintiff was rear-ended by Defendant Driver, who was driving Defendant Companies vehicle. Review of the State of Nevada Traffic Accident Report, indicates that Defendant Driver “looked down quickly at his work manifest to see where to go and when he looked up he realized that the vehicles in front were stopping”. Plaintiff did not hear a screech from Defendant Drivers tires or have any warning. No airbags deployed in Plaintiff's car, and there was no secondary collision.

During the collision, Plaintiff believes he blacked out. Immediately after the collision, he was nervous and in ‘shock.’ The police and ambulance were called, and when the police arrived, a report was made. Thereafter, Plaintiff drove his car away from the scene and returned home. That evening he could not sleep and reported feeling anxious. Upon awakening the following day, he was experiencing a posterior headache, and stayed home from work that day, took prescription pain medication and rested.

Within a few days of the accident, he sought care with a chiropractor who prescribed a course of treatment. Said treatment included electric stimulation, ice/heat, massage, and traction therapy. The chiropractor also referred him out for MRI’s of the cervical and lumbar regions of his back. Plaintiff treated conservatively for approximately two months, and felt that the therapy made his pain worse and noted that the electric stimulation would make him nauseated. He was not receiving forceful adjustments, yet he was still symptomatic with neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain. At that time, he sought care with a pain management doctor who performed an examination. Plaintiff thereafter underwent both cervical and lumbar injections. Unfortunately, the injections were not helpful for more than a day or two at reducing his pain.

With the progression and chronic pain, Plaintiff found it necessary to consult with an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. After his examination, Plaintiff required anterior cervical surgical treatment. It took months of post-operative rehabilitation, but Plaintiff benefited in the cervical area and his headaches subsided. Upon Plaintiff recovering from his cervical surgery he underwent a low back fusion surgery for lower back and right leg pain. As a result of Plaintiff's compounding medical bills and physical pain and suffering, a litigation plan was crafted by Mr. Bingham. This case provided itself with the perfect opportunity for Benson & Bingham to file an Offer of Judgement in the amount of Defendants commercial policy limits. Within ten days of submitting the Offer of Judgement, Mr. Bingham was able to force Defendants in to a position of maximum settlement. We were able to avoid protracted litigation and resolve Plaintiff's claim for full value. It is difficult to beat the satisfaction of a personal injury client who demonstrates the highest appreciation.

Creech Air Force Vehicle Accident Victims Hire Benson & Bingham after Tragedy on I-95

April 26, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham was signed by the victims of the I-95 head-on-collision near Snow Mountain today. The tragedy on April 19th left two people dead and a third injured due to what allegedly was erratic driving on the part of one man who was driving against traffic. At the time, this resulted in southbound traffic on I-95 being closed, but for the victims this left irrevocable damage that will last a lifetime.

The team at Benson & Bingham hearts go out to the victims and family of the deceased and injured drivers. While our litigation can not change the past, the attorneys at Benson & Bingham will do everything in their power to see that justice is vetted. Head-on-collisions are one of the worst types of motor vehicle accidents and unfortunately the lives of so many were affected by this tragic accident in Southern Nevada.

Benson & Bingham Performs Focus Groups for Upcoming Federal Court Trial

April 23, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham performed focus groups for their upcoming Federal Court Trial this week. Focus groups are where random people are chosen to comment on facts of a case that you present, so as to glean any insight on how a real jury would react to the facts of the case. The case Benson & Bingham are litigating involves a wrongful death action due to a faulty car seat The firm sought opinions on what they think happened given the evidence presented.

Mr. Benson stated:

"We were impressed by the initial testing of the case facts with different sets of people which were a fair slice of the local population. These are invaluable tools to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your case facts. We look at these people just like jurors where we test both principles of liability and damages. The more we do, the more we understand how to present the case at trial.”

Benson & Bingham goes to great lengths to prepare for jury trials to ensure our clients are represented to the highest standards of the law. The firm takes every possible fact scenario into account when preparing for trial, in order to litigate the case in the best interests of the client. In this case, while the deceased can not be brought back, the victim's family can seek solace in knowing the accused was held accountable for their actions.

Benson & Bingham Named Top 3 Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV by Three Best Rated

March 31, 2015


Benson & Bingham was pleasantly surprised to see yet another independent on-line enterprise recognize Benson & Bingham as one of the three best personal injury law firms in Las Vegas selected to their website.

Three Best Rated, based out of Austin, Texas, handpicks local businesses in each city by category and recognizes them on their site: Three Best Rated - Top 3 Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV. Three Best Rated try to take the guess work out of identifying the top three local businesses in each city, based on numerous criteria, including ratings, complaints, satisfaction, trust and overall excellence. According to the website:

Our website Three Best Rated was created with a simple goal to find you the top three local businesses per category in your city. Our employees Handpick Top 3 local businesses per category in your city. We check business's reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence. We display only businesses that are verified by our employees. You can call it "Due Diligence." or "Common Sense." We call it "Hard Work." Our website is updated on a regular basis for quality and latest business information.

Benson & Bingham feel honored to be recognized by an independent site dedicated to identifying the best businesses regionally. This is once again a testament to our pursuit of always trying to improve our client experience, while continuing to find the highest possible settlement, while ensuring our fees are reasonable and fair. If you or a loved one is injured in accident or due to someone else's negligence, contact a law firm true to its name, contact Benson & Bingham.

Benson & Bingham Resolve Defective Product Case Against Gun Manufacturer

February 18, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham resolves case against gun manufacturer for defective product. The client lost nearly half of his hand from a mis-manufactured firearm after a flare misfired on a rifle attachment. The terms of the settlement were confidential.

Ben J. Bingham Settles Maximum Policy Limits from Commercial Carrier

February 13, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Ben J. Bingham, Esq., a partner at Benson & Bingham, settles car accident case for $1 million dollar policy limits against adverse commercial policy. The victim suffered low back injuries necessitating back surgery and was in a significant amount of pain after the accident.

Ben Bingham stated:

"Our client was in a significant amount of pain as a result of the accident. We ensured he found the best quality of medical care available to treat his injuries, and sought the maximum settlement available from the commercial entity's policy."


UNLV Alumni Joseph L. Benson II and Ben Bingham Comment on the Loss of Jerry Tarkanian

February 11, 2015
Source: Internal Release

UNLV Alumni and Foundation Donors Ben J. Bingham, Esq., and Joseph L. Benson II, Esq. along with the Las Vegas community mourn the loss of Jerry Tarkanian, former UNLV Rebels head basketball coach. Both attorneys were undergraduates of UNLV during the amazing run of the UNLV running rebels in the 1990’s and continue to support the University.

Benson & Bingham Partner Ben Bingham commented:

"The Jerry Tarkanian lead Runnin' Rebels truly established UNLV as a powerhouse in college basketball. There was a palpable energy in the University during their runs to the Final Four. A true icon in basketball was lost today, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends."

Joseph L. Benson Sr. Retires after Distinguished Legal Career in Nevada

January 11, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Joseph L. Benson Sr., the father of Joseph L. Benson II, Esq., and founding member of Benson, Bertoldo, Baker, and Carter was sadly diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” causing an end to his legal career. Joseph L. Benson II commented on the sad news:

“My father was the inspiration and driving force to me to become the attorney I am today. Both Ben Bingham and myself owe our careers to him. It is a sad day that he will not be doing what he loves. While he is disabled, we hope he can enjoy his life in retirement.”

Benson & Bingham Staff Reaches 21 Employees in Three Southern Nevada Locations

January 05, 2015
Source: Internal Release

Benson & Bingham staff reaches 21 employees in three locations in Southern Nevada: Downtown Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson. In addition, the law firm just celebrated its 11th anniversary serving the Las Vegas community.

Joseph L. Benson, II, Esq. stated:

“We are so blessed to have grown to three offices and have such wonderful employees. With our continued success we will not waiver from keeping the client #1 in our focus in personal injury representation.”

Did you Know: Both Joe Benson and Ben Bingham are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum multiple times and both were selected as Top 40 Trial Lawyers under 40 in 2012?