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Media and Video

Media & Video

Joseph Benson & Ben Bingham provide a few video presentations of practice areas the law firm specializes in the State of Nevada as well as a few testimonials from past clients. The lawyers at Benson & Bingham solely practice injury and accident law, and are well versed with the laws of the State of Nevada.

Benson & Bingham represented Ty Pierce, a victim of a Budget Van accident. Hear his testimonial of how Benson & Bingham helped him through his trying times.

Hear this testimonial from retired USAF Airman Phillip Sisneros about how Benson & Bingham helped him through his horrific car accident.

Hear this client testimonial from Las Vegas pastry chef Michael Kim about how Benson & Bingham helped him through his taxi accident.

Benson & Bingham represented Edgar Alavez, a victim of a rear end auto accident. Hear how Benson & Bingham assisted him after his injury.

Listen to this client testimonial from James Raymundo about how Benson & Bingham helped him through his horrific semi accident.

Benson & Bingham: Three Convenient Locations in Southern Nevada

Ben Bingham Explains how Benson & Bingham Handle MVA Victims

Benson & Bingham Discuss Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Nevada

Joseph Benson on the Multitude of DUI Accidents in Las Vegas

Joseph Benson on Property Damage Claims in Nevada Auto Accidents

Ben Bingham on Medical Expense Payments & Your Rights in Nevada

Joseph Benson Understands How to Litigate Slip or Trip & Fall Injury

Below you will find several reconstruction accident videos Benson & Bingham produced for injured victims, further showcasing the great lengths we go to maximize a client's claim.

We Commissioned this Presentation so the Jury could Better Understand the Events

4 Speed Simulation Shows Jurors the True Nature of Whiplash in an Auto Impact

What Happens to a Victim in a Low Impact Car Crash

Did you Know: As of March 2019, Benson & Bingham have 113 5-Star reviews for their Downtown Location and 20 5-Star reviews for their Summerlin Location at the Yellow Pages?