Victim Injured in DUI Accident Hires Benson & Bingham

Source: Internal Release

A good Samaritan hit by drunk driver last week hires Joseph L. Benson II, Esq. of Benson & Bingham to represent him against the drunk drivers who nearly took his life. The victim, who suffered severe injuries to his right leg including a double compound fracture of the femur, and the tibula-fibula, and a fractured knee cap and has a very long recovery.

“Sadly, this is a classic example of the best in society being a victim of those at the bottom.” All defendants in that matter are in their young 20’s. “Not only did the culprits cause injury to a great man, they attempted to hide in a cowardice manner.” The firm will be pursing a civil case in the car accident along with the Clark County District Attorney who is pursing criminal Felony charges. For more information, see the following::

View Video of Joseph Benson Discussing DUI Accidents in Las Vegas

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