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Were You Injured while on Vacation in Nevada at a Casino?

It can’t be underestimated the amount of claims the casinos and hotels deal with on a busy weekends in Las Vegas or Reno. Hundreds, if not thousands, fill out incident reports for injuries varying from pool accidents to assaults. If you have been injured contact Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC today to discuss your rights. For those employed in Nevada, such as casino workers or entertainers, and injured while working, worker’s compensation claims may be relevant, and our team is adept at handling these cases as well. You will need an attorney based in Las Vegas or Reno, or at a minimum, the State of Nevada. The following is a list of the few examples of cases we deal with – click on linked items for more information on these injuries:

  • Assault and Battery Attacks: headlocks, Security abuse, punching, kicking, and mob attacks are very typical at nightclubs.
  • Casino Show Performances: Unfortunately, the show doesn’t always end in applause for everyone; circuses, shows and other performing arts sometimes lead to an injured audience.
  • Defective Design of Guest FacilitiesFurniture, wall hangings, or other items in hotel rooms may be mismanufactured or installed incorrectly.
  • Elevator or Escalator Injuries: Many Las Vegas vacationers injure themselves in either escalator or elevator accidents.
  • Fires: kitchen, and room fires cause fatalities.
  • Food Poisoning: Salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, and E. coli. Viruses that may cause food poisoning include noroviruses. Parasites that may cause food poisoning include Toxoplasma gondii—watch out sushi. Botulism is a rare form of food poisoning that can be caused by eating foods that were not canned properly.
  • Room Intrusions: Modern day key systems allow electronic entrance into rooms; dishonest employees can make for criminal intrusions.
  • Spa injuries: slippery surfaces, defective pumps, defective intake grills, extremely hot water, chemical poisoning.
  • Slip and Fall: cases involving high polished marble, mopping without warning, melting ice, slippery stairs, defectively designed stairs, power washing, oil.
  • Swimming pool injuries: unmarked shallow water, slippery surfaces, mismanufactured steps.
  • Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, and Limo: Doors closing improperly, tires running over your body parts, “T-boned” accidents, failure to yield, high speed accidents, careless driving, reckless driving, DUI accidents.
  • Trip and Fall: cases involving vacuum cords, unleveled carpet, audio visual accidents, parking bumpers, poorly lighted parking garages, poorly lit stairs, etc.
  • Valet Mishaps: Taxi line accidents, valet employee accidents, slip and falls within the valet area.

Why the Risk Management Department Will Not Offer You Money

Las Vegas Resort Injury Attorney

After an accident, the risk management department typically will be in contact with you. Once they have confirmed your injury status, and have obtained a statement either written or verbal, they usually cease communication. In the event that you have a major or severe injury, they may attempt to offer you a free room on your next stay or a complimentary buffet. Don’t bite. Risk Management is basically an insurance company attempting to do just that: manage risk. Most incidents and claims that are opened do not receive compensation. The Hotels deny liability; even if they are liable hoping injured victims go away. Don’t be fooled. They are simply protecting their cash. The large corporations understand that you the victim will be going home to your home state. From there, you will not attempt to do anything because it is simply too expensive and you do not know who to call for help. Fear not, we are here to help.

The bottom line is that with the millions of visitors that visit and become injured; only a few will ever receive compensation—those who hire a good attorney. Why should they pay out? What are you going to do in your home state to make them pay? With the thousands of claims, IT IS CHEAPER TO SIMPLY AVOID THE CLAIMS, THEN TO PAY EVEN A PENNY. They will defend in court, the small amount of claims that become cases—it makes Business sense. Think about all of the accidents that occur—who could possibly pay every claim- and why should they?

The Attorney Dilemma: Small Injuries are Not Viable Cases!

Often we are approached by the Internet, email, phone, or otherwise about a potential accident case. The facts are typical: injured foot, leg, or back due to a foreign substance in a hotel lobby. The injury is minor. The hotel is denying liability. The injured party is looking at a month of rehabilitation. The risk management department decided to be nice and speak to you about it at first, Then, there were no more phone calls, no returned phone calls. You are stuck with your pain. What is your recourse? Well, in these situations, likely not much. Here’s why.

Small injury cases usually take as much money and financial investment as a large injury case. At a minimum, the law firm must invest $5,000 to take even a small injury case. This cost represents: file the lawsuit, service of the lawsuit, taking depositions of the parties, and hiring experts to help with the liability. If we were to take on small cases: bruised hips, cut fingers, sprained backs, the reward at the end of the case is usually less than cost of initial investment ($5,000.00). Thus, you can see we might win $2,000.00 for you trip to the emergency room to see if you had a broken nose, but the case is not worth the investment of filing suit. That’s why we don’t take minor cases. Add to this, the fact that you are located in another state—guess what? This means we need to have your out-of-state doctors testify in Las Vegas! Expensive. Hopefully, this becomes clear: your injuries must be substantial for our law firm to get involved. Call Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers, LLC today regarding your incident! 702-382-9797.

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