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How Long Does It Take To Receive a Settlement Check After a Nevada Personal Injury Case

Understanding The Timeline: Receiving Your Nevada Personal Injury Settlement Check

Going through the process of a personal injury case can be challenging, especially when you are anxious to receive compensation for damages. Your Nevada personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights, get the compensation you deserve, and potentially speed up the process, but there are still things that must be done before you can receive your settlement check.

Navigating The Duration Of Personal Injury Claims In Nevada

When it comes to personal injury claims, they often do not end up in trial, but instead are settled between the two parties through negotiation. This tends to be more advantageous as it results in quicker outcomes and not as many fees. However, if the lawsuit does go to court, the process could take over a year.
The duration of a personal injury lawsuit can vary widely depending on several factors, and it is challenging to provide a specific time frame as each case is unique.

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Impact Of Injury Severity On Personal Injury Settlements In Las Vegas

Las Vegas personal injury attorneys will advise you not to settle on your claim until you have fully recovered from your injuries. Some people will recover completely, and others may have permanent injuries. Cases involving more serious injuries may require additional time for medical treatment, assessment of long-term effects, and expert evaluations.
If you choose to settle your claim before you fully recover, it could result in a much lower settlement than you could have gotten if you had waited. The compensation you might expect to receive if you wait to settle could be for future damages as well. This includes ongoing medical treatment, future lost wages, continued pain and suffering, and diminished earning potential.

Exploring The Investigation Process For Las Vegas Personal Injury Claims

When you want to file a personal injury claim, you and your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas are responsible for furnishing evidence that proves the cause, fault, and damages that occurred. Evidence can take time to find and authenticate.
Along with finding evidence, investigations can potentially take several months due to the type of injury that occurred. For instance, in cases that are more ambiguous and complicated like medical malpractice, the timeframe could be longer. Or if there are multiple parties involved and liable, the time it takes to define each party and their roles can impact the timeline.

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Comparative Negligence: If You Are Partial To Blame

Nevada operates on the Modified Comparative Negligence Law which acknowledges that there could be multiple people at fault in personal injury. It assigns percentages of fault to each party and that party is responsible for that percentage of damages. However, if the injured party is more than 50% at fault, they are unable to claim any damages.
If your personal injury case is being evaluated for how much fault was yours and how much the other parties, the time it takes to get a settlement could be impacted. Insurance companies will do everything they can to lower their payout and may even try to blame the injured entirely for the accident. At this point, more evidence is needed and it may take more time to prove you’re not at fault.

Resolving Damage Value Disputes In Personal Injury Cases

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Injury victims are entitled to several types of damage claims, but some do not have a clear value assigned to them. For instance, the value of your pain and suffering and economic damages can lead to disputes.
Your personal injury law firm will work hard to make sure your damages are assigned the appropriate value. However, insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for damages. It may take some time before your lawyer and the insurance company can come up with values they agree on.

Receiving Your Personal Injury Settlement Check: What To Expect

Once a settlement has been reached, insurance companies typically send out a check within a few days. In some cases, it takes a few weeks before your lawyer gets your check. Your lawyer will keep track of it and ensure you receive your money as soon as possible.
However, once your lawyer receives the check, a few things must be done. First, any outstanding payments must be made, including medical bills, liens, and subrogation claims. The lawyer will work to lower the amounts as much as possible to ensure you get as much of the check as possible. This process could take a few months, but if you’re patient, you will be glad for the larger amount in your check in the end.

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