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Las Vegas Traffic Accident - No Injuries, What You Should Still Do

May 20, 2016

What should you do if you’re in a vehicle accident in Las Vegas that only involves property damage, or at least appears to only involve it? Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law have their own recommendations, which involve coming in for a free initial consultation for a vehicle accident in Las Vegas. You never know when an injury like whiplash might show up after the fact, which is not at all uncommon. You may also need to pursue a claim against insurance for significant property damage, which Benson & Bingham are more than experienced at.

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Mountain's Edge Neighborhood of Southern Nevada Getting Upgrades to Curb Traffic Accidents

May 16, 2016

Southwest Las Vegas is getting some street improvements on Blue Diamond Road in the Mountain’s Edge neighborhood to help prevent traffic accidents. The road is officially called State Route 160, however, Blue Diamond Road is what many, many people in the area call it. And it is no stranger to accidents. There’s an area that is especially bad there between roughly Fort Apache Road and El Capitan Way, there have been a number of fatal traffic accidents in this Southern Nevada neighborhood.

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Event Saturday to Build Awareness of Las Vegas Traffic Accident Problems

May 13, 2016

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force is doing trying many, many different ways to cut down on traffic accidents. Whether each individual effort is successful or not, in part you have to give Metro kudos for trying, and trying all kinds of new things, to cut down on the number of traffic related accidents and deaths in the Las Vegas valley, which almost everyone agrees is a major problem. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Force’s next effort is tomorrow, Saturday, holding a safety fair to try to limit traffic injuries at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas.

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Helicopter Crash Outside of Las Vegas: One Dead in Lincoln County

May 12, 2016

There have an unfortunate number of fatal air accidents in Nevada recently, in the areas around las Vegas. Just this morning there is another one, a fatal helicopter crash in Lincoln County. This crash, however, sounds somewhat different than what we’ve heard about recently. Most of these types of incidents, especially ones where people lose their lives, are on more or less commercial flights of some kind.

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Police After Hit and Run Believed Responsible in North Las Vegas Accident

May 10, 2016

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is asking for help to find the owner of a vehicle involved in a North Las Vegas fatal hit and run car crash. The accident happened Saturday. The accident happened at the intersection of Cheyenne Ave and Simmons Street. The accident is reported to have occurred when the driver of a GMC Yukon, which was heading west on Cheyenne Ave, allegedly ran the red light at the intersection. The vehicle it then struck a Dodge Dakota. The Dakota was purportedly travelling in the southbound direction on Simons Street.

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Bad Year So Far for Nevada Vehicle Accidents

May 07, 2016

Las Vegas Metro Police are putting a primary enforcement focus on traffic infractions because of so many fatal and injury car accidents in Las Vegas in recent months. Rainbow Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard is a bad intersection, per Las Vegas Metro. Another bad intersection for vehicle crashes is the cross of Tropicana Ave and Koval Lane. Tropicana also has another bad intersection for accidents, at the cross of the Boulder Highway. Boulder Highway itself is bad for a very long ways. These are just some of the bad ones.

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Benson & Bingham Help Semi Tractor-Trailer Accident Victims By Listening

May 06, 2016

One of the many ways Benson & Bingham’s Nevada semi tractor-trailer accident attorneys go above and beyond is how thoroughly the get to know not just a case, but the people and the story. We’ve always felt that you can’t help people unless you really know what’s going on and what people are looking for. To a certain extent, everybody wants the same thing – to heal, to be covered on medical costs and lost wages, and pain and suffering money for particularly long lasting effects or life changes, mental or physical.

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Las Vegas Workers Comp Claims May Rise As Construction Picks Up

May 02, 2016

Construction is booming again and that can mean more workplace injuries in Las Vegas. We Las Vegans, and all who consider the Las Vegas Valley or Clark County home, have seen some bad years where the once invincible Las Vegas industries of hospitality and construction took major hits. At one time thought to be recession proof, gaming was hit hard which all but stopped the rest of the economy, which was heavily reliant on construction both residential and commercial.

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