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Killed on the Job at a Las Vegas Construction Site

August 22, 2016

A terrible accident at Tivoli Village Las Vegas killed one construction worker earlier today. It appears to have been an on the job accident. He is reported to have fallen to his death when scaffolding he was working on collapsed. The collapse happened when he was working about two stories up. He was not the only one on the scaffolding. The man who was killed was, however, does appear to be the only fatality of this accident. We hope that “only” does not sound like we mean it in a positive way. We only mean to say that more people were not.

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Las Vegas Apartment Fire, Six Injured Via Smoke Inhalation

August 21, 2016

Fire injuries in Las Vegas include smoke inhalation which can be a serious health risk. Per recent press reports, a Las Vegas apartment fire has as many as six people being treated for smoke inhalation. This treatment is necessary following injuries reportedly sustained via breathing in smoke during a fire at the Regency Place Apartments. These apartments are on South Decatur Boulevard in the area of Sahara Avenue. The individuals affected by this fire and smoke injuries in Las Vegas were brought to University Medical Center for treatment as necessary.

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Uber to Operate Self-Driving Vehicles, Nevada Could Be Next

August 19, 2016

Benson & Bingham are closely monitoring self-driving vehicles and Uber accidents in Las Vegas. From that constant work to stay up to date and even ahead of the curve on legal news and laws regarding self-driving vehicles and Las Vegas Uber auto accidents and injuries we came across this incredible news of Uber beginning to roll out vehicles for their fleet that are self driving. Though not happening in Las Vegas, it is Las Vegas Uber news and has serious implications for accidents and legal claims.

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Las Vegas Casino Slip and Fall Injuries Are Common

August 16, 2016

While casinos are perhaps most known as places to have a good time, or to some as places to lose money, what casinos also are is a really common place to get injured. Hotel and casino injuries in Las Vegas take many forms, a common one is a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall injuries in Las Vegas Hotel and Casino environments are common for a number of reasons. One big reason is all the different surfaces and areas.

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T-Bone Accident in Las Vegas Causes Rollover, Injuries

August 13, 2016

We are actively looking into an accident that occurred Friday morning in Las Vegas. This rollover vehicle accident happened at the intersection of Decatur Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard. This is near the Kensington neighborhood, a little bit to the east of College of Southern Nevada and Bonanza High School. One person was sent to the hospital in this accident. While this is not a bad number given that three vehicles were reportedly involved in this accident, we have information that suggests serious injuries to the one person who sustained bodily damage in this incident.

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Another Deadly Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident

August 12, 2016

We wrote just last night about one fatal pedestrian accident yesterday morning. Unfortunately that was not the only pedestrian to be killed in Las Vegas yesterday. A woman was killed late yesterday evening crossing the street on Eastern Avenue at Exley Avenue. This is right across from the Justice Myron E. Leavitt and Jaycee Community Park, on the edge of the Francisco Park neighborhood of Las Vegas. This, for anyone who read our blog yesterday or read other news of the collision, is just about one block away from the other pedestrian death that happened early yesterday morning.

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Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Las Vegas Today, 64th Traffic Fatality This Year

August 11, 2016

A pedestrian was killed today near the Francisco Park neighborhood of Las Vegas. Many of the details of the accident are still under investigation and haven’t been released, but some information is available in media reports on this fatal Las Vegas pedestrian accident. It is reported to have taken place very early this morning, just slightly after five o’clock in the morning.

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Traffic-Related Injury in Motorcycle Group Harrassment

August 07, 2016

We do not even know what to call the actions that allegedly took place between a number of bikers and a vehicle. It wasn’t a crash, which we know may feel unusual to our normal readers. Depending on precipitating events it may be deemed a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident in Las Vegas. But that description doesn’t really do it justice. A “gang attack” is potentially the name for this reported total terrorization of a resident of our fair Las Vegas valley. Road rage of a different kind may be causal factor and a type of incident this could be described as.

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