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Rainy Roads Cause Multiple Vehicle, Semi Truck Accidents in Las Vegas

January 30, 2015

Another wet day, and another spate of car accidents in Las Vegas. This time the number of vehicle accidents in Southern Nevada was nowhere near as high as that last Sunday a few weeks ago when there were well over one hundred accidents. Today, there were “only” somewhere around 30, at least on the highways. That’s according to Nevada Highway Patrol spokesman and trooper Loy Hixson. He cautioned people to not drive quite as fast. That was really the sum total of his advice: slow down.

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Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Sends Officer to Hospital

January 29, 2015

We just wrote yesterday about how dangerous the job of police officers is, among other highly dangerous professions. A recent accident underscores this fact, in several ways. Just a day and a half ago a police officer was involved in a Las Vegas motorcycle accident which sent him to the hospital. Luckily, given that the officer was the one riding the motorcycle, he did not suffer life threatening injuries. This is happy and lucky news, given how frequently motorcycle accidents are fatal accidents.

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Worst Professions for Workplace Injury in Las Vegas, or Death

January 28, 2015

Some professions where you get injured on the job in Las Vegas the most are not what you’d think. The same goes for getting killed on the job in Southern Nevada, or across the country, as a new study looks at just that: the most dangerous jobs in the country. Some are exactly what you might expect, like police officer. Pilots are also at some serious risk of dying in an air accident. Two of the top most dangerous, and most deadly, jobs are not ones we really see in Southern Nevada: lumberjacks and fisherman die at alarming rates on the job.

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Long Recovery for Las Vegas Injury Accident

January 26, 2015

If you’ve ever had to wonder why compensation can be so large for Las Vegas injury accidents, look no further than some recent updates in a case we’ve been following since the beginning of this month. The recent news in the accident is that the woman who was so seriously injured has luckily been released from the hospital. The expense, however, comes from where she was sent. Following her hospital stay from this Las Vegas injury accident, the woman has been moved to a rehab facility.

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Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Injures 1

January 25, 2015

A man is recovering in the hospital tonight from a Las Vegas bicycle accident injury that initially had him listed as being in critical condition. It’s possible that this initial listing more of a rumor than an actual medical listing, we are still looking into some conflicting details and reports. Initial reports listed the injury in this Las Vegas bicycle and car accident as critical.

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Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident, Hit and Run Under Investigation

January 24, 2015

Police are hoping for your assistance this evening as they search for a suspected hit and run driver from an accident earlier in the day. The Las Vegas hit and run pedestrian accident injured a man, seriously, who is undergoing treatment at Sunrise Hospital. The man, 78 years old, was reportedly crossing the street away from a legal crossing area when he was struck. This all happened very early this morning, just about a half past midnight. The Southern Nevada pedestrian hit and run accident took place on East Flamingo Road.

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Community Forum on Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents, Safety

January 23, 2015

Keeping down the number of pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas continues to be top of mind for police and the community. An important safety meeting concluded just a little earlier today on the topic, with advocates for pedestrian safety, concerned citizens, and police went over a number of concerns and potential fixes for pedestrian safety in general, as well as specific areas, intersections, and high risk groups for Southern Nevada pedestrian accidents. Senior citizens voiced concerns about folks who use walkers or are otherwise crossing the streets at a slightly slower pace.

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Injured on Vacation in Las Vegas; Study Says City is Dangerous

January 22, 2015

Las Vegas police forces are not spending their money well, according to a recent report. This could be very bad news for people injured on vacation in Las Vegas. For starters, it could mean more people injured as Las Vegas ranks 77th out of the 110 densest cities that this study looked at. That 77th rank is for the amount of return on investment Las Vegans get for their police dollars. How the researchers came up with the ranking is quite complex, but we’ll try to boil it down.

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