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Las Vegas Automobile Accident Insurance Scam Coming To Light

May 22, 2015

A new insurance scam is plaguing drivers in Las Vegas, with the scammers targeting women and those commercial vehicles. The Las Vegas automobile accidents are after those unsuspecting individuals driving in Southern Nevada that typically carry significant insurance. The cost of these accidents is being passed onto consumers across Nevada, and even the United States, since the accidents are raising insurance rates for everyone who pays for automobile insurance.

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Philly Train Accident Reminds Las Vegans About Importance of Rail Safety In Nevada

May 18, 2015

Last Wednesday, an Amtrak train train on the way to Philadelphia crashed. The train crash, which killed seven, happened because the train was travelling at too fast a speed - up to 107 miles per hour. Trains are mandated to go no faster than 80 m.p.h on that section of track. The train accident is currently being investigated by the National Transportation Board and there are even some news articles appearing that state the train might have come under gunfire shortly before the accident.

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Critical Injury in Las Vegas Bicycle Accident

May 15, 2015

A Las Vegas resident riding a bicycle was struck by a vehicle and injured this morning. The injuries from the Las Vegas bicycle accident were determined by Las Vegas police to be severe. The accident happened at approximately 8 a.m. and occurred at Las Vegas Blvd. and Sunset Rd. The man, hit by a pickup truck, had a significant leg injury. Witnesses to the bicycle accident said that the bicycle was struck by the pick up truck even though the bicyclist had the right of way at the time of the accident.

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Two Men Seriously Injured in Las Vegas Construction Zone Accident

May 14, 2015

Two men were injured when struck by a drunk driver early this morning. The driver, who was inebriated, driving a stolen car down a one-way street hit the two men who are construction workers. The driver had stolen a 2000 Honda and was driving on Eastern Ave at approximately 3:30 in the morning. The car, when spotted and flagged down by a Las Vegas police officer didn't stop. Instead the driver drove the car through the intersection of Charleston Blvd. and Eastern Blvd. and ran into a construction vehicle.

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Self Driving Cars Involved in Las Vegas Automobile Accidents

May 12, 2015

As computers and technology continue to improve, the technology that powers our automobiles becomes more and more complicated. In addition to advanced braking systems that reduce hydroplaning, improved carbon monoxide emissions, improved electricity powered cars and even assistance for parallel parking, large software companies are now testing cars that drive themselves - a car that autonomously moves along the roads without the driver behind the wheel, braking or using the gas.

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One Killed and Two Injured In Separate Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents Last Thursday

May 11, 2015

Two separate motorcycle accidents last Thursday left two Las Vegas residents injured on one dead. The first accident happened during the early morning rush hour on Thursday morning. The man killed in the Las Vegas motorcycle accident, 23-year old Jonathan Smith, was driving his motorcycle along Lake Mead Blvd when the accident occurred. Mr. Smith’s accident happened when he was cut off by a Chevy Malibu that was exiting a trailer park when he slammed into the side of the car. In addition to Mr. Smith dying a young 11-year old was critically injured in the crash.

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Las Vegas Man Killed In Highway Pedestrian Accident

May 08, 2015

A Las Vegas resident was killed on a local highway was identified yesterday by Metro police. The man, 50-year old Michael Nugent, was killed crossing an interstate highway (I-15) on Wednesday evening. Police have yet to release the man’s exact cause of death. The accident happened at approximately 10:20 p.m. on I-5’s Northbound lanes near Russell Road and the Highway 215 Interchange. Police have determined that Mr. Nugent was in the middle lane of I-5 on the northbound side of the highways. Mr. Nugent was first hit by an Element by Honda, the driver of which tried to avoid the 50-year old man.

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Man Killed and Boy Injured In Clark County Car Accident

May 07, 2015

A boy is in critical condition and a motorcyclist is dead in an accident today. In the Las Vegas automobile accident, Alejandra Guerreo was driving her Chevy sedan in the planned community of Cypress Gardens, when she was hit by a motorcyclist heading down Lake Mead Blvd. Metro police have stated that Ms. Guerreo had cut off a Kawasaki motorcycle being driven by a a Las Vegas resident who was 23 years old.

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