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Las Vegas Workers Comp Claims May Rise As Construction Picks Up

May 02, 2016

Construction is booming again and that can mean more workplace injuries in Las Vegas. We Las Vegans, and all who consider the Las Vegas Valley or Clark County home, have seen some bad years where the once invincible Las Vegas industries of hospitality and construction took major hits. At one time thought to be recession proof, gaming was hit hard which all but stopped the rest of the economy, which was heavily reliant on construction both residential and commercial.

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Another Fatal Las Vegas Car Crash

April 24, 2016

A really nasty accident earlier today with at least one person killed in Las Vegas is still under investigation. Two other individuals involved in the accident were also last reported to be in critical condition. Going by just the recent press releases and count kept by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the person killed in this accident would be the 38th person killed this year in a traffic related incident. We just hope the two people said to be injured to a critical level pull through, and don’t make numbers 39 or 40.

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Another Nevada Bus Accident, Injuries

April 19, 2016

Lots of bus accidents in Nevada have occurred recently, with another bus accident taking place earlier today. About half past one in the afternoon today school bus and a vehicle were involved in an accident. The cause of the accident and the bulk of the negligence has not yet been put out by the police or the media, to our knowledge. The accident occurred in the southwest of Las Vegas Valley. One student was injured and taken to the hospital, said to be a special needs student. This is out of three children who were on the bus at the time of the accident, according to reports.

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Many Injured in RTC Las Vegas Bus Accident

April 17, 2016

At least 10 passengers on the RTC bus were seen at the hospital for injuries in a Las Vegas bus and truck accident. The incident occurred this morning, Sunday, April 17 at a little before seven in the morning. Initial reports may have indicated a higher number of people injured, as in above 20. The actual number, as of the most recent reports, is more like a dozen.

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Child Dead in Las Vegas School Bus Accident

April 14, 2016

A Clark County School District bus took the life of a two year old boy earlier today. This is a painful accident to hear of, write of, speak of, and to even know about. No matter what the details turn out to be, this is an incredibly terrible loss of life. A child so young, and a vehicle of the organization that has primary mission: to take care of children. Little is known of the cause of the accident at this point. At least, very little has yet been released by the investigating agencies.

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Las Vegas Worker Injured in Cherry Picker Truck Bucket Collapse

April 13, 2016

A Trademark Sign Co. bucket truck malfunction appears to have injured one Las Vegas worker. The accident occurred early today, around seven in the morning. The accident caused the injured man to be rushed over to the trauma unit at University Medical Center where he was said to be in critical condition as of the most recent news on the subject. Information was conveyed to us and media outlets by the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, through their spokesman Tim Szymanski.

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Movie Star Saves Woman in Las Vegas Casino Assault By Rockstar

April 10, 2016

There are many ways to be injured in a Las Vegas casino. We’ve written about many of them, as many have been cases with Benson & Bingham’s top Las Vegas hotel casino injury lawyers. Las Vegas, with its lock on constant live entertainment and over the top show productions, sees a number of show accidents. Lights and other set design pieces have fallen on people, tripped them, electrocuted them, you name it.

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Wet Roads Make for Nevada Car Accidents Galore

April 09, 2016

Wet roads in Las Vegas are rare enough that we always see a spike in vehicle accident s and injuries when it happens. Even if you “know” how to drive in the rain, when you’re out of practice even a knowledgeable driver may let their speed get away from them and be hydroplaning before you know it. That’s all on a normal rain fall in the Las Vegas valley, which always causes some flooding almost regardless of how much water drops because of the poor road drainage in our fair city.

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