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North Las Vegas House Fire Kills 1, Injures 2

December 04, 2016

Fire injuries and death are in Nevada news more than normal recently. The worst case by far, at least by how it appears, is the one person killed in a North Las Vegas house fire. Additionally, two people were killed in this fire. The first report of the fire came in a little after seven o’clock in the evening just a day ago. This fire occurred on Saint George Street.

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Fatal North Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

December 02, 2016

We’re following a bad accident last night that saw a deadly North Las Vegas motorcycle vs car accident. Two cars were in fact involved in this accident that caused a North Las Vegas motorcycle crash death, at least according to early reports. It remains unclear how the accident unfolded. That is critical to police and any private investigator’s examination of the crash. Examination is clearly warranted here, and will be completed by North Las Vegas police or maybe other officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police pool.

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3 Updates on Fatal Car Accidents from Las Vegas Metro Police

November 30, 2016

The Las Vegas Metro Police put out three press releases yesterday on deaths from Las Vegas vehicle accidents. None of these accidents were new, just updated information in a way. Mostly they were detailing how someone or multiple people who had been hurt in Nevada car crashes previously had recently passed away from their injuries.

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Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Victim Badly Hurt

November 28, 2016

Las Vegas pedestrian accident and injury is in the news again tonight. More details have emerged, it would seem, on the man who was recently struck by a city bus. The man, a pedestrian, was at least initially reported to have been outside of a marked crosswalk. If you’re injured as a pedestrian in Las Vegas not in a crosswalk you may still have grounds to pursue a pedestrian injury lawsuit. We’ve seen this happen in many cases where the driver of the vehicle was more negligent and therefore more responsible for the damages from the accident for any number of reasons.

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Burlington Coat Factory Las Vegas Vehicle Accident, Injuries

November 27, 2016

We don’t know yet what, if anything, caused a woman to drive her car through the wall and into a Las Vegas Burlington Coat Factory injuring several people. We know more or less what happened but we don’t totally know why. Sometimes things just happen without explanation, according to a Lieutenant Grant Rogers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. This is via a Las Vegas Review Journal story on the accident. Speeding does not appear to be a problem, or at least one that was a primary cause of this accident. Alcohol impairment does not either look like a factor.

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Semitrailer Accident in Las Vegas

November 26, 2016

We’re following news of a semitrailer crash in Las Vegas earlier today. The Las Vegas commercial vehicle accident does not at this time seem to have involved any injuries or fatalities. This is both rare and good. Rare because it’s not often that a vehicle that large crashes without hurting or often times killing one or more people. Good because, well, of course it’s good news that no one appears to have been injured.

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Train Crash Injures Woman in Las Vegas

November 25, 2016

We’re following some breaking news that has reports of a woman in Las Vegas hit by a train. The accident reportedly occurred yesterday afternoon – Thanksgiving Day – right around 3:30 in the afternoon. The Las Vegas train injury occurred in the area of Owens Avenue near Interstate 15. The woman was brought to the University Medical Center by first responders with the fire department. She was reported to have sustained only non life threatening injuries. This is fairly remarkable for the train accident, though not unwelcome news by any stretch of the imagination.

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Medical Flight Crash Kills Nevada Crew, Passenger

November 19, 2016

Nevada airplane crash deaths are horrible enough as it is. This recent Nevada airplane crash feels even worse, however, because of the circumstances of it, especially related to it being a medical care flight. The crew on board, all of whom were killed in the crash, were only there because they were trying to help another person get medical care, better medical care than that person could have gotten elsewhere. And the patient on the flight, they were on the flight to get taken care of, to be brought somewhere to get better medical care.

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