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Las Vegas Airline Sued In Tourist Death Case

March 02, 2015

American Airlines, one of the top air carriers that fly into Las Vegas’ McCarran airport, is currently fighting a wrongful death lawsuit. A woman on an AA flight from Dallas, TX en route to Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR) had trouble breathing and was required to return the airline’s emergency oxygen supply when she disembarked from her flight. The woman’s husband, Canadian Joost Tallieu, had asked for his wife to continue to be able to use the airline’s emergency oxygen until she was stabilized, but unfortunately, the emergency oxygen was denied at the arrivals gate at PVR airport.

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Man Injured In Las Vegas Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident

February 27, 2015

A Las Vegas man is currently hospitalized due to a pedestrian accident early Friday morning. The 36-year old man was hit while crossing W. Flamingo Rd. at approximately 3am in a crosswalk. The man was struck by a compact car, painted a dark color with a spoiler that was attempting to head east on Flamingo turning from S. Winn Rd. The man was rushed to University hospital’s emergency room. Doctors do not see the injuries as threatening the man’s life, as they were primarily bruises and broken bones.

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Two Young Women Hurt In Las Vegas Bicycle Accidents Today

February 25, 2015

Las Vegas motorists and bicyclists need to review laws to ensure safety on Las Vegas streets and roads. Early this morning, an 18-year old woman received serious injuries when she was hit by an automobile at the intersection of Windmill Parkway and Green Valley Parkway. The accident occurred at 6:45AM when the young woman was hit in the crosswalk. The young woman was rushed to Sunrise Medical Center and a police investigation revealed that the driver that struck the young woman in a Las Vegas bicycle accident.

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Man Hurt In Las Vegas Parachute Accident

February 23, 2015

With an estimated 41 million people travelling to Las Vegas last year, accidents are bound to happen.

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Las Vegas Woman Injured In Dog Attack

February 21, 2015

Animal attacks can have serious financial and physical consequences for those attacked and those who own the animals. Last week, two women were attacked by four dogs owned by 29-year old Las Vegas resident Jesse Vonstaden. Ms. Vonstaden was arrested on multiple charges in the Las Vegas animal attack. Those charges include keeping dangerous dogs and neglecting the safety of other individuals and persons. At the time of the arrest, Metro police also learned that the woman had several warrants for her arrest in traffic violations.

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Las Vegas Injury Accident Victims Must Concern Themselves with Short and Long Term Care

February 20, 2015

In the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident, many are concerned with first aid, getting out of the road to prevent further accidents. Many of those in Las Vegas automobile accidents are spared injury and only have to worry about processing insurance claims to fix their vehicles and working with the police in the determination of fault. Other injuries from car crashes can last for years, however, and when that occurs, it is of vital importance that the injured party has significant legal representation so he or she is able to live a productive life with serious injury and more.

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$1.1 Million Paid Out By Silver State in 2013 and 2014 for Nevada Automobile Accidents

February 18, 2015

While Nevada law caps the amount the Silver State must pay out in any personal injury tort case, the law does not prevent someone who has been in a Las Vegas automobile accident with a state owned vehicle to collect money for car repairs, lost work and healthcare based on the accident. Nevada has some of the lowest payouts for accidents caused by state employees. In the years 2013 and 2014, Nevada paid out just above $5 million to those who filed tort complaints against the state.

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Las Vegas Woman Killed in Road Rage Attack

February 17, 2015

Las Vegas police are searching for the killer of a 44-year old Las Vegas woman who was killed in an apparent Las Vegas road rage incident. The woman, who had been giving her 15-year old daughter a driving lesson, nearly got in an accident with another driver. After the near collision, the woman, Tammy Meyers, and the driver of the other car exchanged words. On the way home, fearing an additional confrontation with the driver, telephoned relatives on the way home. Later that evening, at approximately 11:30PM, Ms. Meyers was shot from a car driving past her home. Ms.

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