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Vioxx or Celebrex Law Suits

Benson and Bingham was the first firm to recognize the dangers of the drug Vioxx in Las Vegas. Vioxx is a major hazard to the patients who took the drug.

Known as a Cox 2 inhibitor, Vioxx causes both vascular restriction and blood clotting in patients. Persons who smoke, are obese, or may have a predisposition for heart attacks may even have a better case against Merck as these patients were the least likely to afford this murder pill. Other Cox 2 inhibitors include Bextra and Celebrex. If you or someone you know took Vioxx and was injured with a heart attack, death, or circulatory problem, call Benson & Bingham immediately to discuss your options. Currently, Benson and Bingham have a multitude of Vioxx clients and will be filing lawsuits with the help of our New Jersey/Philadelphia affiliate, Klien and Spector.

The difference in hiring Benson & Bingham comes with years of experience in personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, boating accidents, personal injury accidents and excellent personal service with attention to communication.

Did you Know: Between 2004 and 2018, Benson and Bingham settled over $127,000,000 for their clients.