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Technology and the Law of Personal Injury

The world is changing to become very computer driven. In the modern claims environment, understanding how insurance companies work internally is paramount. Recent studies suggest that accident victims that do not obtain representation often receive only one-half of what a person would receive if they had legal counsel.* Diagnosis and respective rules determine the values of settlement offers. Insurance companies use ICD-9 codes International Classification of Disease (ICD-9) codes, to input the diagnosis and the software, in turn, computes a settlement sum. Aggravating factors that are considered to be negative to such a claim are: whether the parties were wearing a seat belt, whether the 3rd party was DUI, whether the victim was pregnant, and whether the Defendant makes a bad witness.

There are some things you can do to help the system work to your advantage. Get Benson & Bingham on your side. We understand that efficiency and technology go hand in hand. The attorneys at Benson and Bingham understand the factors that determine good settlements.

Some of those factors are: Whether you have suffered an Amputation, Concussion, crush, disc injury, fracture, or laceration. Have you suffered a loss of enjoyment of life? Did your car accident give you: Muscle Spasms, Restriction of Movement, Radiating Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Headaches, Dizziness, Vision Disturbance, TMJ requiring long or short term home exercises, Physical Therapy, or chiropractic treatment? Are you required to use Medication? Did the doctor order Traction devices? Did your specific injury require Immobilization via a hard/soft cast, brace, ace bandage, band-aide, wrap, etc.? Were you Hospitalized? Intensive care? Admitted overnight? Did you need Surgery? Were Drugs administered? What was given during surgery? Did the Doctor Recommend home exercises, acupuncture, acupressure, or massage treatment? Do you suffer from a Preexisting condition to your spine? Do you already suffer from Diabetes, and were their changes to the condition after the accident? Hypertension? After the accident? Finally, did the accident hurt your income? Did you suffer Wage loss, lose your job, or house? Did you work under duress, pain, or have trouble with your household duties like dishwashing, gardening, lawn mowing, biking, or taking our the trash? Did you suffer from not being able to engage in your favorite hobbies?, Social interaction limited? How about sports: Basketball, Golf, tennis, walking, running, or swimming? Did your injury make you have permanent scarring? Do you have keloids present or excessive scar tissue? Have you reached maximum medical improvement such that you need a medical impairment rating?

These are questions your attorney must analyze when performing a case evaluation Contact Benson & Bingham today.

Did you Know: Benson & Bingham was selected as a Best of Las Vegas Winner in the category lawyers by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the city’s longest running reader’s choice awards.